Chapter 85: The Final Chapter

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The next day, An Yize didn’t go to work and stayed home with Su Jian because first thing in the morning, Su Jian started throwing up again.

Hugging the toilet while dry heaving for a long while, Su Jian who felt pitifully on the verge of death was helped out of the bathroom by An Yize.

“When the great aunt comes, it causes worries. When it doesn’t come, it also causes worries. It’s so hard being a woman!” Su Jian sighed gloomily.

An Yize: “……”

Su Jian looked at An Yize, then a lightbulb went off suddenly in his head, “Yize, I have an idea!”

An Yize looked at his sparkling eyes, and asked guardedly, “What idea?”

“Say. What do you think about finding another person to have your babies?” Su Jian got excited the more he talked, “Like looking for a mistress or something. Let her give birth to your child. At that time, I can sleep with her and take care of her…”

An Yize said quietly, “You want to push me towards someone else?”

Su Jian was frozen by An Yize’s slightly rueful gaze and hastily waved his hand, “Hehe, I’m just joking! Why are you so serious? How could I bear to give you to someone else?”

Seeing the hint of doubt in An Yize’s eyes as if he didn’t believe him, Su Jian slapped his stomach and stiffened his neck as he said, “I’m already willing to have your child. What else do you want?”

An Yize’s heart skipped a beat. He hastily pulled his hand and frowned, “Don’t slap!”

Seeing his extremely serious expression, Su Jian shrank back and said in embarrassment, “Why so loud…”

An Yize spoke solemnly, “The doctor said that we had to be very careful the first three months. You can’t do high intensity movements or you could easily miscarry.”

Su Jian was terrified at the word ‘miscarry’ and unconsciously touched his stomach. He muttered apprehensively, “How troublesome…then what about after three months? Can I move however I wish then?”

An Yize replied, “After three months, your stomach will get bigger. At that time, you wouldn’t be able to move even if you wanted to.”

Su Jian: “…”


Because of the sudden pregnancy, Su Jian was strongly encouraged by his family to stop teaching in at-risk areas. Su Jian felt that other than the minor annoyance of occasional vomiting, there wasn’t much of a problem with continuing to teach in an at-risk area. However, An Yize didn’t allow it and was completely unyielding this time. Su Jian couldn’t move him at all. In the end, he could only compromise. Su Jian stopped teaching in at-risk areas and returned to work at his original school.

When they found out that not only was Su Jian married, but that he was pregnant, his colleagues and students expressed emotions ranging from surprise to sorrow. But the majority were congratulatory. An Yize personally escorted Su Jian to the office and brought gifts while politely requesting Su Jian’s colleagues watch out for her on a regular basis. Thus, after her colleagues had met Su Jian’s husband in real life, everyone said that Su Jian’s hubby was handsome and loved his wife dearly and that he could not be even more amazing! If this had happened in the past, Su Jian would have inevitably felt jealousy and bitterness about hearing other people praising An Yize like that. But now that he was in a good relationship with An Yize, he would unconsciously feel elated when he heard other people praise An Yize. He said, beaming, “You’re too kind! The main point is that I have good taste!”

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