Chapter 84: Congratulations! You're Going To Be A Mother!

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Mother An went on with asking about the symptoms one would have during pregnancy. The more the symptoms matched, the more frightened Su Jian became. Whereas for the An family, the more the symptoms matched, the happier they were.

The fierce fight ceased like a raging fire being put out. What fake marriage, what fake affection. All these thoughts disappeared when they saw Su Jian puking——They already have a child, how could the marriage possibly be fake! Even if it was truly fake, so what? Once they have a child, it has to be real!

Mother An started giving out orders, and An Yize carried them out while father An and An Yirou followed along. Ignoring the thoughts of Su Jian, the family brought him to the hospital immediately.

After the check up, the doctor said with a smile, “Congratulations, you have been pregnant for two months.”

Everyone in the An family was exulted. Even An Yize who was usually stoic looked excited. Only Su Jian looked shocked and lifeless. Then, he clarified again with a crying face, “Doctor, are you sure you’re right? Are you really sure I’m pregnant or is it just some kind of illness? Did I perhaps grow a tumor?”

Doctor: “…I’m sure. Congratulations, you’re going to be a mother.”


Su Jian was so shocked he was almost on his last breath, his eyes almost tearing up. How is this something worth congratulating for? This is clearly a strike of lightning from heaven!

However, the exhilarated family didn’t notice his mood at all. They thought that he was simply too surprised. Surrounding the doctor, they asked for things a pregnant woman should watch out for. Then, a few of them carefully helped Su Jian up like he was a national treasure.

An Yize held Su Jian’s waist with care and walked at the front. The excitement on his face has yet to disappear but his voice was very gentle. “Jian Jian, do you still feel uncomfortable?”

Su Jian leaned onto him and said listlessly, “Chest pain, heart attack, internal bleeding…”

An Yize: “……”

At the sight of her sister-in-law leaning onto her brother dependently as well as her brother looking down and protecting her sister-in-law, An Yirou lamented, “Third brother and third sister-in-law are so loving. Anyone can tell that their feelings are true in one glance! How can all this be an act or a fake marriage? Just where did this rumor came from? How stupid!”

Father An said happily, “As long as the two of them are happy, it doesn’t matter what rumors there are.”

An Yirou smiled, “I’ve never seen third brother so happy before. Now that you mentioned it, ever since third sister-in-law came, third brother has smiled much more than before. He became much more gentle!”

Father An nodded with a smile, “Xiao Jian is indeed a good child.”

By their side, mother An excitedly repeated, “Let’s go to a baby shop later. Let me think of what to buy, a crib, a milk bottle…”

“Mother!” An Yirou laughed, “Isn’t it still too early? Third sister-in-law is only two months pregnant!”

Mother An widened her eyes, “What does a little girl like you know! You have to prepare many things for pregnancy!”

Father An who was by their side laughed, “Rourou is right. It’s still too early to prepare now. Instead, we should think of how to take care of Xiao Jian’s health.”

Mother An’s eyes brightened. “Mrs Zhang once complimented the dietitian their family hired. I’ll ask her tomorrow!”


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