Chapter 4

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Hm. I just hate people looking at me like I'm something other than myself. But.. Meh.
As the teacher told us we're going to be doing chemistry blah blah blah shit, I felt pretty bored.
Knowing that the teacher was still teaching however, I got a idea. How about I just take a.. Nap? It shouldn't take that long should it?

As I dozed off into the land of dream I didn't hear any more voices. Nap time.

TIME SKIP BY YOUR FAVORITE PERSON Fierzza who doesn't want to tell what he's doing in the land of dreams alright?

I felt a poke in my rib before I heard a voice.

"Wake up Fierzza! He's coming!" The voice says hurriedly.

Uh... What the fuck? I'm trying to sleep here. Please leave me alone.

"NOOO..." I say before sleeping again.

"Wake up before the teacher comes!" Said the voice.

"No... Fuck off.. I wanna.. Sleep.." I say once again dozing off into sleep.

I hear something electricity right next to me.. Huh what the hell?


"AHH! FUCK!" I say before falling to the floor.

"I told you to wake up!" The voice says before I look at the person who said that.

Ah. That girl who I met in the hallways.. She was the one?

Ugh. I didn't want to wake up.

"Now that you woke up, your going to find a partner to work with you." She says looking at me.

"Nah I'm good. I'll work alone." I say smirking.

"Are you kidding me? You need a partner, that's what the teacher said." She informs me.

"That's what the teacher says. That's what the teacher says huh?" I say thinking.

Now who would want to work with me hmm?

I then get up to my seat and sit in it.

"Hey, um. Since your new, wanna work with me?" She says looking at her paper.

"Sure." I say.

"So we'll be needing some of that chloride and some of those." She says pointing to some liquids.

"Mhm. And since we're working together.. What's your name?" I ask her.

"Remi." She says smiling at me.

"Fierzza." I say smirking.

"I already know that though, the teacher told us." She says with a expression on her face.

"Yeah well.. You never have been introduced properly to me now have you?" I say smiling.

"Maybe, but we still need those ingredients Fierzza." She says pointing to them.

"Alright fine. Lemme get them." I say going to get them.


"Hey there John. So, I forgot to ask you but.. Uh. Did you get a partner in any of your classes?" I say looking at him.

"Yeah. Turns out.. It's the Queen you fought. Seraphina." John says averting my eyes.

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