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          "Logan, my son. Where is Savannah? Didn't she want to visit me before I get sent off to a prison?"

          I glared at the man I called, 'my father'. "No, she didn't want to visit you. Neither of us did, but someone had to ask some questions. She's away from you, safe — with people to protect her."

          Dad gave a confused stare as he leaned forward on the table, his cuffed hands fidgeting with his long sleeve. "You really think I'd do something to your sister, my own blood?"

          "You killed Mom. She was your wife. She gave you two children!" I hissed at him.

          He sighed in disbelief, before scoffing. "I'd do nothing to either you or Savannah, Logan. The only reason why I sent my men to kill her was because she was a threat! —"

          "Threat, my ass! What did she ever do, huh? Mom did everything to your beck and call! When you were out on your cases, undercover and gone for months, she still stayed with you! When she found out about the Devils she stayed with you — I mean she must've known right? Or maybe, she was in the dark like Savannah and I! —" Dad then cut me off of my rant by slamming his hands on the metal table.

          "Logan Valentine! Don't you dare! —.... Don't, make such assumptions when you don't know the full story... Please..."

          I didn't want to hear anymore.

          All I saw when I heard his voice was the good memories. I cherish them but then come to realization of the deeds he's done. The murders, robberies, and kidnappings. He was supposed to be a FBI agent right? Or was that a lie, too?

          I didn't really care, so I got up and walked towards the door. I didn't hesitate until he said a few words, when he finished I left.

          "Take care of your sister, Kate and the baby."

          How did he know?

          "Savannah, you know you can't see them. Even if they can't see you, it's a risk," I told my little sister who wanted to see her friends for even one last time. Savannah began to stress, "Logan, I don't even remember their voices! No matter how many videos I watch of them, I can't help but feel that I'm loosing memories of them! What if they forget about me?"

Of course it hurt to see my baby sister cry, but I'd do whatever to keep us safe and sound. Yes, part of the reason we left was because we'd get separated. But I never told her the other part on why I insisted on leaving. I'd be fine with her being gone from me for a few months, to be honest. But we left because of Dad's group.

Ever since Dad was arrested, the Devils' have been left without a leader. Being the eldest child of the Valentine family, I was next. But my loyalty was to the Serpents, not the Devils. They then set out to murder the whole Valentine bloodline, as traitors. It made sense, Dad confessed, and Savannah and I refuse to be Devils. If we hadn't left, we'd die in the hands of thugs.

"Savannah... You know how it's supposed to be. We stay safe until the whole gang is eradicated, and until then we go under a different name and past. There's no more Valentines."

I watched in agony as Savannah's light died in her eyes. She was surely loosing herself. Everyone she leaned on, besides me, was taken away from her. Her home was taken away, burned into nothingness. She was breaking down, burned out.

          "Savvie, I'm going out to get food. Do you want anything?" I heard Logan ask as I finished my Anatomy homework. "No, I'm okay..."

          Logan nodded and then left. I sighed when I noticed that he had left his phone. Picking it up, about to run out the door to return it; the screen lit up. It was a photo of Logan and a pregnant woman.

          I burrowed my brows in confusion. I never knew of any best friends of Logan, that's pregnant. Neither did I know of a girlfriend. In curiosity, I opened his phone and looked through photos, social media, or anything that'd indicate who she was.

          In the end, I was caught in disbelief and shock. He had kept a secret from me.

          The woman's name was Kate Aubern, she was his girlfriend. She's a year younger than my brother and they both work in the same place. But the twist was that, she was pregnant with Logan's son. She held my brothers baby in her womb for 7 months. Not only that but the ring on her finger — Logan proposed to her.

          He didn't tell me.

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