38: Welcome to the family

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Scott has been in the garage for nearly five minutes and I was just about ready to go in after him, knife in hand incase an intruder had gotten him, when I heard him chuckle and soon walk back into the house with a small, shaggy haired animal in his arms. It's fur was dirty and covered in mud and it took me a minute to realize that the small dog in Scott's arms was the source of the sound that came from the garage.
"Looks like we have a guest," Scott smiled, "isn't he the cutest? I think he's a German Shepard mix.. look at those ears!"
I shook my head, "how did he get in?"
"No clue, but I think we should give it a bath and feed it some before letting it near Wessy. It might have fleas,"
I nodded, "We can take it to the vet tomorrow and see if it's chipped." As I watched Scott baby-talk the puppy in his arms, I couldn't help but smile at the sight. The two seemed to bond rather quickly and the dog had no problem with Scott giving it a bath in the sink we had in the laundry room. While Scott bathed it, I texted Kirstie and she was more than happy to bring over some items we would need to house the puppy for the night.
She brought over her dogs old carrier, a bed, some dog food and even some flea and tick treatment. When the puppy saw the toys, it practically fell over itself trying to get to the squeaking ball Scott had taken out of the bag.
"He's so cute," Kirstie gushed, playing with the puppy. "Are you going to keep it?"
Scott shrugged, nodding and glancing my way. "What do you say, babes? Do you wanna adopt him?"
I sighed, my arms crossed over my chest, "Let's just wait to decide on that until we get it tested for diseases and see if it's chipped. I don't want Wesley to get attached-"
Before I could finish, a gasp echoed from the stairwell and we looked over to see Wesley standing in his shorts and his cast against his chest. His hair was messy and his eyes went wide when he saw the dog playing.
"Woah! Doggy!" Wesley squealed, rushing down the stairs and dropping to his knees, greeting the puppy as it ran over and covered his face with licks. "My puppy?!" He asked, wide eyed at Scott and I. "Please?!"
Scott chuckled, ruffling Wesley's hair. "We have to make sure he's healthy first, buddy. He's just staying with us right now; just sleeping over. Why don't you go fill up his water bowl at the sink?" Scott offered the bowl and Wesley was more than willing to run around the house and get whatever our new guest would need.
By the time dinner rolled around, Kirstie suggested we let the dog stay in the guest bathroom and after Scott made sure it was comfortable and wasn't going to piss everywhere, he joined us for dinner and we spent the next hour listening to all of the names Wesley wanted to give the new dog.
We let him ramble on, as it was actually really cute, and by the time we all finished dinner and Kirstie left again, it was way past Wesley's bath time and his bedtime was quickly approaching. Scott picked the toddler up from his chair and Wesley giggled adorably when Scott tickled him.
"I'll give him a bath," my boyfriend started, "Do you need help cleaning up?" I shook my head and assured him that I would be okay and once I heard the water running in the bathroom and my boys happily chatting, I grabbed some scraps of food and walked towards the guest bathroom.
The dog took up the bathtub and was happily playing with its toys until it saw me. I smiled and kneeled by the edge of the tub and fed it some scraps, earning happy barks from the dog.
"You are kinda cute, aren't you?" I chuckled as the dog went back to play with his toys.
Like Scott said, it was a German Shepard looking dog with big paws and big ears. He had long-ish hair but it was growing in patches and it looked beyond adorable. Black and blonde patches covered it's fur and when I started to pet it, it was quick to roll over and beg for belly rubs.
I didn't want to admit it, but it didn't take long for me to gush over it and start to think of names that fit it's personality.
"Alright, little guy," I told it. "It's bed time. We'll take you to the vet tomorrow and get you checked out; but until then, please don't pee everywhere." He just barked back and I smiled and decided to leave the sink light on when I turned the bathroom lights off. The lights above the mirror were dim and not as bright as the normal lights, but it still provided a nice source of light in case the dog got scared.
I said goodnight to him and closed the bathroom door behind me, turning and seeing Scott and Wesley walk out of the bathroom. Wesley was walking around in his shorts while he tugged a towel close around him.
"Daddy!" Wesley smiled a toothy smile. "Can we have story time?"
I smiled, "Sure thing, buddy." I leaned into Scott's side when my boyfriend kissed my cheek. "Why don't you go and put some pajamas on and daddy and I will meet you in your room?"
"The dog doing alright?" Scott asked, motioning to the bathroom.
I nodded, "I just gave him some leftovers and refilled his water bowl. I left the light above the sink on incase he got scared," then I looked back at the door and frowned when the puppy let out a quiet whine.
"Ah damn," Scott frowned. "That's kind of heartbreaking.."
"It's probably so scared. I wonder what happened to its family?"
"It probably got separated or animal control picked the rest of them up,"
"Can we keep it?" I asked when the puppy whimpered again; my heart practically breaking at the sound. "I know we told Wes we might not keep it if it has any issues, but.. I don't know, Scottie. I just feel bad,"
Scott just nodded, his hand on my lower back. "We can keep him, love. What if we moved his cage and everything to our room? That we he's not scared and we can keep an eye on him?"
I nodded and opened the bathroom door, allowing Scott to lean down and pick up the puppy as I replied. "Good idea,"
Scott smiled and cuddled the puppy close, "welcome to the family, little guy."


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