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By the time I got to sleep my mind was buzzing about the bust we got

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By the time I got to sleep my mind was buzzing about the bust we got. With what it looked like from the news it was one of Satori's favorite rings, meaning more hostile and trained fighting hybrids.

I sigh and wish luck to anyone who has volunteered to Foster and rehabilitate these poor guys.

With that thought I drfit to sleep and wait till tomorrow to get back to work and check in with everyone.


Ring Ring Ring

"You did what?!" I yell. It's not often that I raise my voice but when I do, it's generally shock that does the trick.

"We got Sartori's ring. We cleared it out and let me say there where a LOT of hybrids in there." Taehyung explained.

"And you called me why?" I glance over to the alarm clock reading the time and groaning.

3:30 am

Really guys? This early?

"Right!" Tae grabs my attention at his energy through the phone. "There are so many hybrids right now that we can't find enough temporary homes for them. We don't want to keep them together just cause they might fight or have a harder time so we are calling all the heads department leaders to help."

"And how am I supposed to help exactly?" I ask worried about where this was going.

"We need you to take in one of the hybrids..." Taehyung says and the sighs at my silence. "And that's not all..." he leads on. "It's Satori's prized fighter."

I'm silent.

Is he joking,


Funny Tae.

"Ha-ha-ha TaeTae very funny." I roll my eyes and turn on the light next to my bed.

"Nahee, I'm not joking. I need you to get here asap." His voice went an octave I have never heard before as I shot out of bed.

"I'm on my way."


By the time I got to Taehyung's house it was 5:00 am.

He lived so far away good god.

As the cab dropped me off I hurried up the stairs till I was about to knock on the door before I was already pulled inside. Tae, now dragging me brought me to his living room where his hybrid Jungkook sat patiently. I watched him curiously as he seemed tense. Just before I could ask what was wrong, the fur on his tail poofed up and his ears went back.

"Woah relax! Yes my friend is outside waiting for you. Don't growl at me! I won't move, your growling and tryin to run past me!" Taehyung's struggling voice carried over through the first floor. Soon enough with Jungkook's growling and Taehyung's yelling the hybrid couldn't take it anymore. He roared out and bared his teeth silencing both Taehyung and the cheetah.

I gently got up and Walked around to see a large man with glowing gold eyes and prominente wolf ears on top of his head. His tail had been deadly still and his eyes trained over to me as he slid past Tae.

I wasn't scared of him.

He leered closer and closer until he was practically on me as he looked down at my obviously smaller frame.

He wasn't hostile with me.

I refused to look him in the eye since I read somewhere that is could be taken as a sign of disrespect and dominance. I was not gonna get into that fight with him ever. He gently dropped his head and smelled my hair and part of my neck. I moved my head slowly giving him more room as I made eye contact with Tae.

His eyes were widen and mouth hit the floor. I'm guessing the wolf wouldn't even let him come this close let alone this calm. I watched him as the wolf switched to the other side of my neck so I turned the other way. The wolf huffed in a small 'thanks' before continuing.

Taehyung cleared his throat trying to get everyone's attention and the wolf growled.

"Okay so Wolfie, this is Nahee and she's small. Don't hurt her when she takes care of you for a bit hm? If your lucky she might even keep you..." Tae slinked over careful of the Wolf's hard glare at the man growling ever so slightly at him when he got to close. I giggled slightly at the funny scene and I could see the wolf's head snap to me with wide eyes. Once again returning to smelling me and walking around me now, I could see Tae marrow his eyes at me in envy.

"You want to go home?" I ask directing it at the wolf. He quirked his head but nodded soon after as I told him to go get his stuff they he managed to grab before being rescued.

"I don't know how you did it but he wouldn't even come close to doing that to me when I got him. Just growls and nips at me and Kookie." He said sitting down next to the cat and petting his ears. He instinctively purred and leaned into his touch. It was adorable. It wasn't often that I got to see Jungkook so relaxed since he was always on and on about protecting Tae.

"Maybe it's because your a guy and already have a hybrid. He was in a ring you know... plus Kook there is a predator too, bad blood ya know?" I say watching the hall where the wolf disappeared. Taehyung huffed behind me and mumbled a small 'whatever' before the wolf came back out. He looked ready to go in his coat, with his ears standing on point and tail slowly pacing back and fourth.

"Bye Tae, thanks for the call." I wave and watch as the wolf then follows me out to the awaiting cab.

"Be a good Boy for me okay? We will be at my house soon." I say and open the door hopping in and patting the seat next to me. He looks at me and the driver, skeptical but complies anyway. Shutting the door we start off and make our way home.

I can't help but let out an involuntary yawn as the wolf looks at me.

I lean against the window next to me as we drive and let my eyes shut slowly waiting to get home.

It's what I get for waking up at 3:00 am.

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