One| Chapter One

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"Victoria, baja y ayúdame a cocinar." My mother called out, probably from somewhere in the kitchen. Sighing, I put down my phone and go downstairs before my mother flips out on me.
(Victoria, come down and help me cook.)

"¿Qué estás cocinando?" I ask, tying my long black hair up in to a pony tail. My sister and mom were working around in the kitchen, cooking something that smelled spicy and delicious.
(What are you making?)

"Enchiladas De Pollo Y Arroz." My sister Anna answers as she cuts up some peppers. I nod my head listening to the instructions my mother gave me.

"Where's dad?" I ask Anna, growing hot from standing over the stove for so long.

"He's in a meeting. Said he won't be home until dinner." I wasn't surprised by her response, dad always worked late.

"Ama, donde esta Donte?" Donte is my older brother. Even though I'm already twenty and my brother is twenty-three, we all live with my dad. Well, Donte has his own house, but it's like he practically lives here when he is always coming back twenty-four/seven. I still live with my parents because my dad doesn't want me moving out anytime soon. He's always afraid I'll get kidnapped or raped, especially when he's a gang leader and has many enemies. Anna is only nineteen,but she's very independent, like me, and still has her own job. I work at a fancy nail salon, it's something I've always loved doing. One day I want to open my own, but not now. But some day in the near future. Anna works at an animal clinic. She's always there, literally. If she's not home, she's working. If she's not working, she's home. Unless I convince her to go out with me. Which only happens if my dad lets me. He always says 'Si vives bajo mi techo, tienes que seguir mis reglas.'
(Mom, where is Donte?) (if you live under my roof, you have to follow my rules)

"Con tu papa." My mother responds, serving her delicious food on to the plates. I don't know why she likes to cook so much when we have maids and dad could easily hire back the cooks she forced him to fire. Latinas, I'm telling you.
(With your dad)

"Of course." I breath, rolling my eyes as I help her and my sister serve food. Just on cue, my brother and father walk in to the dinning room, but with some men behind them.

"Papi!" Me and Ana exclaimed, running in to our fathers arms like the little daddy's girls' we are. My father chuckles, hugging us back just a tightly.

"Victoria, Anna, meet Mr.Ricardo and his son Damion." I step back, looking up to face the scary scar faced man in front of me. He was handsome for a fifty something year old guy, but his son was undeniably hot.

I could tell Anna thought the same thing, she was practically drooling. "Are you drooling?" I smirk, whispering in her ear. She scoffs, snapping out of it before she lightly slapped me. Damion seems to be amused by this, a small smirk on his face.

"Nice to meet you, Mr.Ricardo." I greet, holding my hand out politely. He nods, shaking my hand before he shakes Anna's.

"Everyone, please sit. We have something to discuss." My dad says, motioning for us to sit at the table. I furrow my eyebrows, but sit nether less. Damion is quick to sit in the seat besides me, his tux smelled really nice. A mix of men's cologne and cigarettes. Weird combo, but affective either way.

Donte sat in the seat across from me, a solum look on his face. I've never seen him this in thought, or upset. I mean, he is a gang member. "Donte? Que paso?" I ask worriedly, reaching over to hold his hand supportively. He glances up at me, only to look away and pull his hand back.
(What happened?)

What is up with him?

I look over at Anna who just shrugs, looking over at my dad who patiently waited for his food. "What did you want to talk about, dad?" Anna asks impatiently from the seat besides Donte. Honestly, I was kinda curious too. I wondered if whatever we were talking about was the reason behind Donte's weird behavior.

"Be patient, Anna." My father ordered, narrowing his eyes with authority. Anna rolled her eyes, but shut up anyways.

"deberíamos decirles ahora." Ricardo comments, wiping his chin off with a napkin.
(We should tell them now)

"Tell us what?" I butt in, leaning forward in interest. It seemed as if everyone in this room knew what was happening but the girls. Which was annoying as hell. I mean, my mom looked lost as fuck too.

"Victoria, we have decided to combine los temerarios with Ricardo's gang." My father speaks up, growing more and more uncomfortable by the second. I nod my head slowly, not sure why everyone in the room was looking at me.

"Okay..." I trail off, not knowing what this had to do with me, or really any of us.

"And to do that, the best way is by marriage." Fuck. I know where this is going, but I hope I'm wrong.

"Ohh..." I say, nodding my head in understanding.

"See, she's taking it better than you said she would." Ricardo chuckles, sipping on his glass of wine.

"Ya, sucks for you Anna. You have to get married so young." I sigh, obviously playing dumb as I pretend to shake my head at Anna slowly.

"What?! I'm only nineteen?" Anna exclaims, her eyes almost popping out of her eye sockets. My dad rolls his eyes, while Ricardo and Damion seemed to be amused.

Well, now we know for sure they're blood.

"Cállete, Anna." My father growls, stopping Anna mid-rant about how she isn't even allowed to drink legally yet.
(Shut up, Ana)

Neither can I! Just wanted to put that out there.

"Victoria, you are to marry Damion. The contract has been made. And there is nothing else to say." Typical father, it's always business with him.

"But- But, my life hasn't even started yet. I'm not even done with my college courses-"

"I said- there is nothing else to say." My father snaps, automatically bringing my lips in to a tight line. My eyes welled up with tears, my nose already burning red.

"My son is a very good man. He will provide and care for you." Mr.Ricardo said, patting his sons arm proudly. I rolled my eyes, standing up with tears falling out my eyes.

"That's very good for him. But I can care for myself, thank you very much. Cancel the wedding. It's off." I snapped, throwing my towel down like the dramatic telenovela my life has become. Walking away with my fathers threats and yelling behind me, I go to my rook and slam the door shut, making sure to lock it incase anyone tried coming in.

This wasn't going to go my way. I knew no matter how many tears I shed, my father always got what he wanted. Even if it meant breaking his own daughters heart.

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