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"She's still unconscious, sir. What should I do to her?"

A tall figure man was on his phonecall, while his right hand on his waist. He asked the other caller and he just nodded as a reply. Irene was actually half awake but she couldn't gain strength to open her eyes. All she know, she's not alone but there's someone around her, specifically a man.

It was pretty clear for her that the caller must be Jin and the man was hired by him but what was confuse her more, the man was in full set of police's uniform, he's totally look like a policeman.

Her hands got tight at the back of the chair she was sitting on and it's hard for her to move so she tried to untangle the knots but ended up groaned on how tight it was. The man got distracted by Irene's voice right after he ended the call.

"This woman- are you trying to escape?" he scoffed and dragged a chair for him to sit on right in front of her.

She weakly glared at him while her hands still working hard to untie the rope. Her eyes landed on the name tag pinned on his left chest.

Lee Taeyong.

While the time she was done picking the kitchenware and so on, she was planning to find Taehyung right after in the supermarket. But not until a policeman approached her out of sudden, which was that Lee Taeyong guy. He lied to her, saying that his boyfriend, Taehyung was under arrest for stealing.

At very first thought, she hasn't any idea how he knew that she's his girlfriend and he's her boyfriend, this policeman seems suspicious but at the end, she had no choice but to believe him and follow his order which is cooperate on settling down the case with the police out of the supermarket.

Until they reached out, Taeyong was behind Irene while she turning her head right and left to find Taehyung. He let out a handkerchief from his pocket silently and moved forward quickly to cover her mouth. Irene was totally shocked and struggled to let herself go but Taeyong was too strong to handle with.

After making sure she's totally passed out, Taeyong looked around to see if there's any people around before dragging Irene into a car.

Taeyong had listened to every single conversation of Jin and Taehyung so he got to know much about the hidden storyline between them. Jin told him to stay at an old house which in the countryside and watch after her. He can't say no but to follow every single order he gave.

Back to the thought that they were actually still in the old house, Irene internally screamed on how stupid she was to believe such stupid lies and fake police. She just sat on the chair accompanied by loneliness and fear even though Taeyong was there sitting in front on her, playing with his phone.

Taeyong finally stood up, "I'm going to buy some foods, and you, don't dare to move an inch." he warned and pointed his index finger right on her face.

For exact half an hour, there's no other sounds except for her panting and sighing. She's full of sweats, there's no electricity, only wind breezed through the window and streetlight dimmed beyond the curtain.

She scanned through the house to find something that can free herself until her eyes met a shattered glasses on a desk. It was not that far but the bonds on her hands make it difficult to reach it. She tilted her body and turned her back so that once she grab it, she could cut the rope right after.

Despite the weakness she holds, she's struggling to reach out the desk. Just after seconds, she managed to grab a piece of it and cut the rope slowly. She almost succeed but a sound of door cracking alarmed herself.

"Shit- not now," without her awareness, she slightly cut her hands instead of the rope. It was her mistake that she should have done it carefully before he came back.

She hissed and groaned in pain while Taeyong on his way towards Irene, he whisper-shouted right after he saw the blood drops from her hands.

"What- what the hell did you do, woman! I told you to stay still. Now, look what happened. If Jin knows that you got hurt, he will kill me!" he scolded her right through her face and putting all the stuffs he bought on the desk.

Taeyong quickly checked on her bleeding hands and cussed under his breath. He don't have any choice but to untie the bonds and take off his plain white t-shirt that he's wearing to stop the flowing blood. After he's making sure that it's stop bleeding, he put on another t-shirt on him.

"You are a lucky piece of shit that I didn't let you die here." he said in annoyance. Taeyong dragged the desk and positioned it between him and Irene.

He put the foods he brought on the desk and serving coldly the food to her. "I don't care if you want to eat or not, but if you're starving, it's none of my business."

Irene just stared at the food in front of her while Taeyong hungrily shove the foods inside his mouth. She was hungry, but in her current condition, she just lost her appetite. She wants Taehyung back, she needs him and she started questioning herself about her next luck.

"What are you two planning to do with me?" she asked weakly, Taeyong rose his head up and looked away to his foods back immediately.

"Geez, you can talk?" he said sarcastically after he aware that she hasn't spoke any words since the time they met at the supermarket.

"We will see it later once he tell me what he has prepared." he shortly explained while his mouth is still full.

Either he has planned it or not, she's sure he got the worst shit to do with both her and Taehyung. Even if he tend to kill them, she hope the one who get killed is herself. As long as Taehyung is safe, she don't mind.

It was in midnight, after they're having a late dinner, well it's actually only Taeyong because Irene didn't even touch her food. Irene as usual on the chair and got tied, she was too weak that her eyes was only half opened.

There's a knock on the door, she could hear it and Taeyong quickly made his way to the door. Another tall figure man get into the house and greeted by Taeyong. No other, it's Jin and she could tell it's him by the way Taeyong called him 'sir'.

Taeyong moved aside to let Jin approached her. She was fully frightened the time he was so close to her. He smirked while observing the beauty figure of Irene even she got paled because of starve and exhaustion. He stroke her hair off that covered half of her face and caressed her cheek.

"It's been a long time, babe."

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