another a/n: (don't hate me!)

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Hey guys!
So I know that I've been posting a/n's a lot lately but this one will be the last...I think. But anyway, I'm just letting you guys know that seeing as the next few chapters will basically be oneshots, I've decided to put dates at the top. For example, 18 September. So please don't ask about it and stay posted!
Also, I've mentioned that readers have been asking me to use seventies music in the story but I decided that this book and book two (I changed the name again lol) will consist of 21st century music only. Actually, on second thoughts,  qualifiedjerk gave me a list of seventies music so maybe I'll make it a mix of both. Also, I uploaded the first chapter of a new story (an Instagram one) so it would be great if you could check that out.
But anyway, thanks again for reading!♥

And then has asked a question for one of the characters:

To: Marlene) Do you like Sirius?

To: sarsha_quinn) No, I can't say I do. Only as friends, really.

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