Chapter Forty Seven

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"He's used to rug's, I'm sure He won't care about a dress."
"Trust Me. You want to practice!"
Mum and i's discussion replayed through my head as I set the plastic bucket and single bed sheet down onto the ground outside the arena fence.
"But I don't even have a dress!"
I'd retorted.
"You wouldn't use the actual dress for practice! Use a sheet!"
My poor Mother had looked almost like she was going to burst a blood vessel or seven.
Having a not so Girlie Daughter less than three week's out from her Wedding Date was clearly putting stress on her.
Mostly because I didn't want to put my Mother in Hospital, but also because Blayze had actually suggested it would be a good idea to give Phoenix a head's up about what was expected of him, I was out in the yard while Mum was watching the Kid's.
An indeed pregnant again Noah was with Me, along with Zuke who wouldn't let us leave the house without him.
Sunday, Monday, yesterday and even last night, it had continued to rain basically without pause.
Today, however, the sky was grey, but there had only been the odd shower since dawn.
Every step I'd taken since leaving the House had been echoed by a splash or a squelching sound.
The arena flooring was a bit darker on top, indicating it was wet, but I was well aware Blayze had ensured to put top quality footing down, so I was confident the new arena would be the best place to practice this 'wear a sheet that in a couple of week's will be a wedding dress' game with Phoenix.
And Blayze wasn't using the arena with the Rodeo stock today, because He had other work to tend to.
The day was also the 10th of May.
Blayze's Birthday.
I still had to organise him Dinner and a Cake!
My To Do list was just growing by the second.
"No slackin' off now!"
Noah's teasing voice sounded from behind Me.
I placed my hand's on my hip's and turned around to face the smirking face of one of my best friend's.
"I'm not slacking off."
I denied.
"My mind's just taking a moment to think about everything I have to get done!"
Noah jerked her head in the direction of the Working Horse Paddock.
"So hop to it and go grab Mr. Phoenix and get at least one of your task's done."
Smart arse.
I bit my tongue from replying.
She and Codie were well matched for sure.
I rolled my eyes and bent down to snag Phoenix's halter and lead rope, that I'd detoured past the Tack Shed to pick up, out of the bucket where it sat on top of the bundled up white sheet.
I gasped and spun back to face Noah, the halter and rope slapping against my jeans clad leg's.
"You haven't told Me what Codie said!"
"Quit stalling!"
She growled, now pointing in the direction I had to go.
Oh no...
I felt my eyes widen.
"Did He not take it well?"
He'd seemed okay this morning.
A bit indifferent maybe, but not mad.
Noah waved her hands, like She was trying to shoo off a particularly pesky fly.
But there were no flies out today.
It was too wet for the bothersome little critter's.
"I haven't told him yet."
She explained.
Hang on...
I blinked.
"You what? Why not? Are you worried about what he'll think?"
I asked, struggling to not make my question's run together.
Noah laughed!
I frowned.
What exactly was so funny?
"Codie wants Kid's."
She told Me, finally managing to sober up.
"We talked about trying to have number two around the time Knox turn's two."
She explained.
"But he wants like four kid's, so no, I'm not worried He's gonna be mad. I just want to make it something special, y know?"
She tipped her head to the side, watching Me like she was trying to see if I understood.
"I was really sick and in Hospital when we found out about Knox, remember? So this time around, being that I'm pretty sure he doesn't know, I want to have a special way to tell him."
Her speech had hot tear's burning my eyes.
I quickly closed in on her and pulled her into a hug, my halter and lead rope giving us both a slapping which made Noah giggle.
"That's so beautiful!"
I informed her, pulling back.
"How are you planning on telling Him? Obviously I'm not that creative."
I rolled my eyes.
"Last year I had it planned to tell Blayze about Brodie and Dale, on this day actually, considering it's his birthday again, when we went out to Dinner, but it turn's out Zuke ruined the surprise by taking a pregnancy test out the bin and giving it to Blayze."
I couldn't help but giggle at the memory.
"I remember!"
Noah gasped, her blue eyes widening.
"Not the actual scene, obviously, but I remember you telling us about it!"
I smiled sheepishly.
Yes, my reveal about pregnancy number two had been a bit of a flop.
"So what's your plan?"
I insisted.
"Last night I ordered a Baby t-shirt from a custom made website."
Noah explained, a slight blush tinting her cheek's pink.
"I ordered it to say Baby Bentley number 2 Due In The New Year."
How adorable!
"So... you'll give him the t-shirt?"
I guessed.
Biting into her bottom lip, Noah nodded.
"That's so cute!"
I exclaimed.
A pair of Galah's squawked and took flight out of a tree standing maybe twelve feet away.
Noah blushed.
I couldn't help but giggle!
"I wonder if you're gonna have another Boy, or a Girl?"
I pondered, tapping a finger against my chin.
"Stop. Stalling!"
Noah growled.
Smiling sheepishly, I turned to head for the paddock to collect my darling Golden Child.
"I truly do wonder!"
I called over my shoulder.
"Well keep your wondering to yourself!"
Noah retorted.
"At least for the next few days!"
Oh yeah.
Codie doesn't know yet, which mean's nobody else can accidentally find out.

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