{ ben little

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rylie can bench press 100 pounds (*applause)
ben little can bench maybe 20 pounds. (*silence)
who is stronger?

when she struggles with the weight rylie swears.
when he struggles with the weight ben little smiles.
who is stronger?

well i've never seen ben little bench press, but i should probably have mentioned he's eight years old. so i won't make ben little bench press...yet. so mia how do you know ben little smiles in the face of struggle?

ben little is a KID. recently he lost his dad which alone is terrible kid or not. and from a passing by view point i don't think his family situation is that great to begin with, but he's a happy guy. on the day of a karate test we didn't think he would show up. sensei wasn't one to go soft on people no matter their situation. i'm pretty sure his life motto is tears don't change things. but ben little showed up. he showed up with his little smile, and i learned that before the test he grabbed his grandma and said "grammy, i've got this. whatever happens happens"

ben little thinks i walk on water. he thinks i'm like the coolest person ever. he obviously hasn't seen me dance to low otherwise he might find another role model.

thank you ben little for making me seem cooler than i am because trust me there are more awesome people than myself. but i want him to know that i think the world (and jupiter) of him too.

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