twenty; the break up

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C H A P T E R  T W E N T Y ;

third person pov;

c a r e f u l l y , finn unhooked an arm from around the girl's back, making distance between the two of them. with a shaky hand, he slipped out his phone and held it to his ear. sucking in a deep and wavering breath, he began talking to the dean.

millie's lip trembled as she pulled away, "you help," she hiccuped with tears spilling from her eyes, her mind and most importantly heart, manipulated.

snaking his other arm out from behind her, finn gently laid a hand on her cheek and partially under her chin, "i am," he barely whispered. she felt her skin crawl under his touch, it pounded as if it had its own heartbeat.

finn cleared his throat and tried his best to speak calmly, for millie minutes felt like seconds, and for finn it was directly opposite.

the door swung open to a group of taller men and women, identifying as medical staff and campus security. as they escorted millie outside, finn was held behind to explain the situation.

he knew that jaeden was the reason for it all, yet he lacked concrete evidence to back him up. he also had no clue what jaeden told millie or more over did to her, so the proof was purely by tongue.

"we're going to clean you up miss," an older lady told millie, hurrying her through the quad and into the nearest medical office.

with additional help, millie was laid on a stiff patient bed, a cheap sheet of parchment like paper covering the uncomfortable surface. she was one to now realize, that she'd been getting herself into situations like these quite often recently.

"stitches.." one of the figures mumbled, relating to the few lining down her stomach, ripped. they applied a numbing medicine to the torn wound, but millie couldn't feel anything to begin with.

the girl stared at the buzzing ceiling light, senseless to the squeaky gloved hands touching her. right now, she wanted nothing more than to be in the arms of her parents or back in finn's, safely. she continued to sob, her eyes bleeding with pain.

shutting them, her body thankfully latched on to the unhealthy amount of sleep that didn't surpass ten hours in the past week. she didn't freely let herself drift into slumber, it was more so like giving up. and so her petite form, went hopeless and relaxed in resignation.

after the staff left finn with minimal notes, he promptly grasped millie's phone from the cold surface of her bedside table and brought up jaeden's contact.

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