Another day of school. Lovely.I did my daily routine and ran downstairs to make breakfast. I stood by the side and greeted everyone.

" Good morning alpha and Luna." I said as my sister Ashley and Alpha walked by. She looked at me like i was a bug.

"get away you freak, i dont want to catch your disease!"Again. i try to be nice. 

After their done i go and wash the dishes then head to school early. i dont have a ride since im 'pathetic and a waste of a space so no need to waste a car' words by my lovely brother.
When I get to school I go to the library and greet Mrs denver.

"Good morning Mrs denver." You see, this is an all werewolf school so they can treat me as bad as they want to without revealing it to the humans.

"Good morning Crystal, any bruises?" She politely asked.

"Only one today, must be a record!" I said grinning like a Cheshire cat.

I had a polite conversation with her about school and her family. then I went to class right when the bell rang. After fourth period i went to the cafeteria when I ate then finished the rest or my classes and went to make dinner. I changed into pijamas and went to bed. I can't wait for my birthday tomorrow!!!

(i was going to stop here but i did not want to be mean to you guys and decided to continue so enjoy!!!)

i woke up with a grin. Omg, im 16!!! i'm going to meet my mate, i hope he takes me away from this hell hole!!!

i wanted to look good for my mate th

is morning so i got up and went to the shower. i showered with me cherry shampoo, conditioner and body wash since they were the only ones i had. i went to my clothes and picked out a baby blue dress that was mid thigh with a plain pattern. i close my blue converses and wore the locket my mum gave to me. Tears swelled  up in my eyes. i wish they were here to wish me happy birthday. i looked in the mirror and sished. This is as good as it is going to get. i let my blonde wavy hair down as memories  build up.

i quickly went downstairs and went to make breakfast for the pack. When they  came down  i scurried to the side. when they were finished i wash the plates and looked at the time. Om it was 8:20 and school starts at 8:30. I asked my brother for a lift and he said i should be out in five. I finished in three minutes and went outside  only to see my brother speed off. Echoing laughter. I ran to school.

with only five minutes i ran to class only to come crashing with a wall. Wait. this wasn't a wall... I felt sparks I looked up only to be hypnotized with gorgeous forest green eyes.

"mate." I looked up to see blake moon, the most popular boy at school. Oh no no no no no . He's my number one bully and a player.

Everyone looked at us in shock. cuse werewolf hearing. Blakes eyes turned for lust and love to disgust and hate.

" No way. Fate is so cruel. Out of all the girls in school i get you. a murderer and a non shifter. Lets get this over with. I Blake Moon reject you Crystal White as my mate." he said with a smirk. Everyone laughed as Blake grabbed my sister and kissed her right infront  of me. My heart breaks. Why me moongoddess? As Blake was about to walk away i screamed wait.

Ignoring the pain in my heart i said with confidence

" I Crystal White accepts Blake Moons rejection" his face was written in shock. I headed through the school doors and ran home. I've had enough of this bullying, rejection was the last straw. I go to my room and pack my things. Before i go i write a letter.

Dear sorry excuse of a pack,

you've got your wish. i'm leaving and never coming back! don't look for me as i do not want to return. you're probably throwing a party on my leave. and maybe mate blake, i hope you have a nice life as you know we were made for each other and you just rejected your other half. have a nice time finding a new luna. now for my dear brother chris. even though you never cared for me i still love you, i hope you find your me and never reject her. i hope you have a nice life without me.

From Crystal .

I grabbed my bag and ran as far as my legs could take me. I reached my packs border and took a big step.

This is it, im a rouge.

Heyyy raries. sorry i haven't updated for a while as my tests are almost finished. I hoped you liked the chapter as i will try to update more frequently. <3<3<3

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