Chapter 3

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As every single student came and watched me and Seraphina fight, I activated my ability.
I felt a sense of greatness and powerfulness since I was about to fight the queen of Wellston High.. And win.
I felt John looking at me and I looked back, he looked like he wanted to say something but then looked back to where we were fighting.

"Hey are you guys going to fight or what?" A student says sounding bored.

"Why don't you shut your mouth unless you want to try aswell." I reply back with a threat.

He became silent and waited for us to fight.

With my ability already being activated I felt someone coming towards me, and I dodged.


Seraphina stopped me from dodging and hit me right in the chest! I fell down feeling pain.

What the hell?!

I coughed out blood and I realized this queen might be somewhat more powerful.

So the Queen's ability is Time Manipulation.. Then I'll just have to use my ability faster then she can use hers.

As I sensed another attack coming, Istand there until the punch almost reached me and I put a barrier in front of me.

I smirk. She thought I was just standing there so she didn't bother using her ability..

A pity.

"FUCK!!" I hear the Queen say before standing back.

I see her using her ability to rewind time and removing those cuts on her hand.

Seriously!? How am I suppose to defeat a opponent with time manipulation, who can heal herself and can rewind time!?

Well she seems like she's still rewinding time so I put all my energy into my fist and punched her as hard as I ever could with smoke trailing along.

I see the punch reach her as she fell down to the ground.

Oh shit.

I forgot that I would give her mercy.

I look at her and see her moving a bit but still laying there. Whoops.

I get a few gasps and a lot of stares before they looked at me like I was the king.

Well I technically wasn't, I didn't challenge Arlo for being the king and all so..

As some students began to leave the scene, I walked over to where the Queen was laying.

"Hey queen, get up, class is here." I say looking at her.

I only hear groans so I gently pick her up and carry her checking for the infirmary.

Hey maybe we'll get along next time. What was her name again..?

Oh yeah.


As I walked into the infirmary I see a man with blue hair with expression on his face.

I knock on the door twice to let him know I'm here and he looks at me before his face looking crazy.

"WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO SERAPHINA THE QUEEN?!" The doctor says before coming over and looking at her.

"Alright put her right there. And you better not be trying to kill anymore people.." Says the doctor before looking in a file.

"Fierzza." He says before making me leave.

As I walked out of the infirmary I see people looking at me with weird glances and some with gladness that the queen was ok.

As I walked to my next class I bump into a girl with pink hair.

What the fuck now?

I look down to see my papers falling out before I lean down to get them.

"Hey um, I can get those you. I'm sorry that I bumped into you." She says picking up the rest of the papers and giving them to me.

"Thanks." I say before heading to class.

I felt a hand wrap around my arm and I turn around.

"Wait." The girl says looking at me.

"What happened to the Queen? You know, Serpahina? I heard people saying you and her were in a fight." She says seeing blood on my shirt.

"Well now, it's true it was a fight. She's in the infirmary if you want to see her." I say.

"Um alright. And please could you not like, try to kill other people?" She says pointing the a large stain of blood on my shirt.

"Alright then." I say before walking away.

As I try to find my class, I realized I was late.


I ran as fast as I could until I found my class.

I got inside just to be met with stares.

"Ah, Mr. Doe. How wonderful of you to join us." The teacher says looking at me.

"Alright students, I'm pretty sure you already met Fierzza Doe, the new transfer so please take your seat right there." The teacher says pointing at a spot between a green haired girl and the pink haired girl that I met in the hallway.

Fuck. And I could have just asked her.

I walk to my seat and take it, earning a few glances from other students only to be met with my cold eyes.

You know I guess I really did screw up. But don't we all?

I made the chapter a bit longer so your very much welcome.

I hope you all enjoyed and the next chapter will be coming soon. Thanks.

- Fierzza

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