Chapter 25: Antidote

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"Aside from the fact that Jinwoo's back is pretty hot, that's one messy bruise," Woojin commented and received a growl from Seungmin who keeps on protecting his brother and his girlfriend. "I don't read Greek though."

"I do..." Hyunjin sighed. All eyes turned to him, widened at the sudden confession.

"H-How?" Jinwoo stared at her boyfriend with disbelief who looks back at her with the pair of apologetic eyes that she's been seeing a lot.

"I told you, I received the memories that I'm not supposed to have. Supposedly, my father taught my ghoul things," Hyunjin stated in a manner showing that he didn't like the fact.

"So what does it say?" Seungmin anxiously asked his brother. They're all sitting on the couch– clouded by air full of tension.

"Gone..." Hyunjin trailed off, unsure of his words. "I don't get it."

"Jinwoo, have you been using your shining child lately?" Woojin asked suddenly, looking at me from his laptop.

"No...we train without it," She skeptically answered.

"Can you try now?"


"Just listen to him first," said Hyunjin so she did– tried at least. For some reason, she couldn't use it. She couldn't even feel it as if she has forgotten how to use it. "Nothing?" Jinwoo shook her head to respond to her boyfriend. Woojin frowned and looked away, rubbing his chin as if he's thinking of something.

"I knew something was weird when I was checking your blood," he began.

Jinwoo narrowed her eyebrows and felt the urge to attack him. "My blood? From long time ago?"

"No," Woojin shooked his head and clasped his hands together tightly. "I know that it's not purely ghoul nor human but ever since you've inhaled the poison– while I was monitoring you and your blood, it kept on changing, it kept on becoming clean."

"And what do you exactly mean by clean?" Seungmin asked. All of them are knitting their eyebrows and it would be funny to Jinwoo if only they weren't in this kind of situation, if this wasn't about her.

"Like it's turning into pure human blood," Woojin said.

"Huh..." Jinwoo mouth agape. "Is that even possible?" She mentally asked herself.

"The poison was to kill the ghoul and not the human. In short, it's like an antidote."

"Is that another assumption?" Hyunjin asked, eyebrows furrowed.

"Pretty much."

" she's turning human again?" Seungmin asked, standing up to look at Woojin better.

"Something like that...I'm not sure." Woojin shrugged. "I'm going to observe her more so dear Seungmin, work on the rescue project." Woojin patted Seungmin's shoulder and left the room after placing the laptop down on the couch, going to the lab.

Should she be happy? If she's not a ghoul, she's weak but normal. As a ghoul, she practically feels invincible as if she was meant to be inhuman. She does miss enjoying the taste of human food...but her life won't go back to normal. The fears and conflicts won't go away. Everything will remain the same or worse since she'd be vulnerable as a human.

"What's even happening now..." Seungmin sighed and shut his eyes closed, pulling on his hair while leaning with his elbows on both of his thighs. "Should I be happy for you?"

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