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Deku P.O.V

It was a morning like no other. Wake up, get beaten, get injected, quirk practice, and killing people. But today it was different, we didn't go to a park or a crowded area. We went to UA High; I heard that many heroes in training go there.

Class 1- A P.O.V

Midoriya has been missing for over a month and class 1-A hasn't been the same.

Katsuki has gotten a little nicer,  Iida has gotten bossier, Urakana got more tired, Todoroki has started to use both of his powers from his mother and father more. As for the rest of the class, they started to slack off in school work and grades. Before class 1-A was the smartest class in all of U.A. but ever since Midoriya's kidnapping the class just haven't been stable.

Dabi P.O.V

Changing Midoriya's name to Hizimmikano Kizito was the best idea the league has ever had. But for now we have to get him ready for the USJ attack... thanks to Toru(invisible girl) for letting us know where they will be going. She needs more credit than what she had before.

Hizimmikano Kizito(deku)

The league is planning something that they might let me join in on and that makes me really happy, I've been in the mood to see some blood fly and dead bodies around. Mabye I'll get to see Kacchan. 




"Hey Kachan! Guess what! All Might is letting the whole class train with him before we go to the UJ trip! Isn't that exc-" deku was cut off by bank to being a shitheaf and normally  "Oi nerd does it LOOK  like I give a fuck?! Hopefully you get killed or kidnapped before then" Hearing that made Izuku very upset and he ran to the roof of the school. Without thinking if anybody would be up there cause its always so isolated. Unknowingly that someone else was on the roof at the time, Izuku just continued to mumble to himself until someone called his name. "Midoriya? Are you alright?"

"Ah Shouchan! Y-yeah im fine. Just tip- top shape." Izuku was trying to convince the monochromatic boy that he was fine but he knew it wasn't working.  Shoto, being the kid he is knows that his friend is not ok. "Midoriya you know you can tell me if something is bugging you, you know that right?" "Yeah I know Shouchan..it's just Bakugo  being Bakugo.." he tried to let it slate as if it was nothing but knew that wouldnt happen.

<shoto past p.o.v>

I'm going to kill that bastard if he told Midoriya to do any harm to himself. When I got to class i double checked the hallway to make sure that Midoriya isnt on his way back to class. "Bakugo"- "What do you want icyhot ba-" 

"Come here " I looked at him with a face nobody should mess with. "Did you tell Midoriya to kill himself?" I ask with a VERY stern look on my face. "Yeah and so what if I did. What is it to you icyhot?" I will regret saying this later but he deserves it. "あなたはばかげた雌です"(you are a dumb bitch)

<present time>

Kizito P.O.V

I am slowly starting to remeber things and im not sure if that is good or bad only because the league might brainwash me again. If I could recall the amount of times Dani beat me.. I could probably remeber some things that he said. They come in once every month and allow me to ask them any questions that i may have about them, me, or my past life. (Bold is the league  if not bold then deku)

What is my real name? Hizimmikano Kizito

How old am I? 15 almost 16

Do I have parents? Yes

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