The Mural

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“Have  you met the new girl?” Gwen, my best friend asked.

“Uh, yeah, vaguely,” I replied, trying a little too hard to seem disinterested.

“She's pretty out there.” Gwen laughed. “And by out there, I mean, she's clearly gay and doesn't care whore knows.”

Oh, trust me, I think to myself. I've noticed.

But with my reputation, staying as far away from Jamie Kendall was in my best interest. Even if everything inside me wanted nothing more than to get to know the new girl that seemed to be everything I wanted to be.

And maybe even everything I've been looking for.

Payton Kelly was at the top. One of the most smartest of her class, captain of the soccer team, senior class president, and overachiever. Students and teachers alike respected her, and it seemed like senior year was going to be smooth sailing.

That is until a new girl from a big city, Jamie Kendall, shows up and forces Peyton to recognize her fear of the truth and threatens to dismantle everything she knows about herself.

The Mural By Lauryn Brooks

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