Chapter 3

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Warning there will be a few Swear words in this chapter.

Short Chapter a head since I'm low on ideas!!

I do not own Voltron. I only own Hailey Ito.

Lotor, Keith and Lance all sat in Principal Zarkons office. With their Mothers.

"Mrs. Kogane, Mrs. McClain and Mrs. Dibazaal. I'm sorry we had to meet under these circumstances." Principal Zarkon said. "Kids why don't you explain why your here."

"Lotor punched me in the face." Keith said. "I spit in his face so he went to punch me again bu-"

"I stepped in and saved Kogane from getting punched. I told Lotor to walk away but instead of going away,  he went to punch me. I pulled Keith out of the way and dodged Lotors punch. Then I provoked Lotor and he got angry and that's how the fight broke out." Lance explained.

Everyone looked at Lotor who was still holding his bloody nose.

"So what! Yeah I punched short stuff! He deserved it for being a loser!" Lotor said, shrinking underneath the glare of Keith's mother.

"How long has this been going on for Keith?" Krolia asked.

"Since the beginning of high school." Keith admitted.

"I'm guessing you already have the punishments set Mr. Zarkon?" Krolia asked.

Mr. Zarkon nodded. "Lotor is suspended for the rest of the week. Since it Is Monday he can return next Monday. Lance is suspended for 2 days since he was involved in the fight. Keith you can go home for the rest of the day and return tomorrow."

"Wait! Why is my son suspended longer than McClain!?" Lotors mom spoke.

"You see Mrs. Dibazaal." The principal spoke "Lotor here has been bullying Keith Kogane for a while now. Therefore since he started the fight and has been bullying, it's only fair that he is suspended longer."

Mrs. Dibazaal nodded, understanding why. "I see now. Thank you sir."

"Everyone is dismissed. Thank you for coming." The man in charge said.

Everyone stood up and left the office. Lotor was getting a scolding from his mother. Lance was too just not as bad as Lotor. Krolia was looking over Keith's injury.

"Your eye is going to be bruised for a bit little red." Krolia said.

Keith blushed as soon as his mom said his nickname.

"Mr. McClain wait!" Krolia said suddenly making Lance and Roberta stop in their tracks and turn around.

"I just wanted to say thank you for standing up for Keith. I'm assuming whenever Keith was targeted he was alone. So thank you." Krolia softly said looking into the boys eyes. Since Lance was as tall as Krolia it was easier to do.

"It was no problem." Lance replied and walked towards the car.

Roberta looked at Krolia. "His sister was bullied a lot when she was in high school. She suffered from depression. He just doesn't want anyone to go through the same thing she did."

"I understand. My husband went through that to." Krolia sighed.

"I'm Roberta." Roberta said sticking her hand out.

"Krolia." She said shaking the other mothers hand.

"Mom?" Keith piped up.

"Yeah Li-Keith?"

"Can we go home now?" He asked.

Krolia nodded. "It was nice meeting you Roberta."

"Nice meeting you to Krolia." Roberta smiled and walked towards the car.

"Mom." Keith said as they drove home.

"Yes?" Krolia hummed.

"I-i think I know who my soulmate is." Keith answered.

"You have to tell me! Who is it?!? Did you meet them?!" Krolia squealed swerving on the road.

Keith grabbed the handle about him, which he called 'the oh shit handle'. "Mom! Would you concentrate on driving and I'll tell you!"

Krolia relaxed and started driving properly. "Well?" She said raising an eyebrow.

"I think it's Lance." Keith softly said.

"How do you know?" She asked.

"I felt safe with Lance when he saved me. It's hard to explain. But I just felt like I knew he was the one. Not just that but he had that blue lion tattoo on his left shoulder. The one on my left shoulder that appeared out of nowhere when I was 16." Keith explained. "But he doesn't know that I'm his soulmate."

The two arrived at home. When Keith glanced at his mother she had tears in her eyes.

As they both got out of the car Keith quickly ran up to his mom.

"Are you okay mom?" Keith quickly asked.

"My baby is growing up!" Krolia wailed. "I have to tell your father!"

Krolia whipped out her phone. "Its his lunch break so he should answer." She quickly dialed her husbands number. And on the second ring he picked up.

"Heith you have to come home right now!" She cried. "Its an emergency!"

Keith sighed. "Mom your being dramatic." And walked inside to get ice for his eye.

Grabbing the ice he walked upstairs to his room. He grabbed a marker of his desk and sat on the bed.

He held out his arm and wrote 'Hi'.

~Lance's World~

Lance lied in bed wondering if he should write something to his soulmate.

He stared at his arm only to realize that his soulmate wrote first.

'Hi' it read.

Grabbing his blue marker off his nightstand he wrote back.

Italics - Keith  Bold- Lance


'How are you?'

'Good. You?'

'Good. Do you want to hear something weird?'

'Sure. Why not.'

'I don't know you yet. But everytime we communicate, I get butterflies.'

'Same here. You have no idea.'

'Do you think we know each other in person but just don't know we're soulmates?'

'I don't know. I feel like I know you but I'm just not sure.'

'Tell you what. If we don't know each other by the end of high school... We go and meet up somewhere?"

'I would like that.'

'I have to go. I'll talk go you later. Okay?'


Lance sighed. All he wanted to do was meet his soulmate. He didn't care if they just hung out for the first month or even week and get to know each other. All he wanted was to meet them.

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