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A thump at the door alerted everyone that Mako had arrived. Mike hurried to the door and opened it to two large Atlantian guards. Both scanned the room with severe expressions. Though Mike was a tall man himself, he took a couple of quick steps backward at the sight of the large men filling the doorway.

Everyone that knew Mako smirked. Of course, she brought the largest Atlantians she could find.

The guards parted and a long, thin woman peeked between them, searched the room, then bustled in. "Jorah? Jorah?" Once she spotted him she huffed. "I will never forgive you for this. For centuries, I will harbor this grudge. I have been to land exactly two times. Both ended in horrible circumstances. You know I hate it here. So open, so much sun!" She shivered.

Jorah strode to her and put an arm around her, which she shook off. "I apologize, my friend. I had no choice. Was the problem explained? Did you bring everything you need?"

"Yes, of course. What kind of a fingerling fish do you think I am? My life is science."

When she tisked Jorah as if he were an errant child, it took all Sonora had not to giggle. When Jorah actually looked abashed, her body shook trying to contain it. It wasn't often one saw Jorah so out of sorts.

Sonora ducked her head against Ian, and he tightened the arm he had around her. Sonora sent him a quick look. His eyes were alight and the corners of his mouth curled. She wasn't the only one enjoying this moment.

The Atlantian woman scanned the kitchen. "Is this where I am required to work? Can I switch to speaking Atlantian now so I can voice my full displeasure? I have only been speaking English for the sake of our hosts."

"No, please," Jorah rushed to say, "continue in English. For our hosts, of course."

"For my father's sanity, more like it, as she will be kinder," Ian mumbled.

Sonora put a hand over her mouth. "Stop! I'm having enough trouble holding back my giggles."

Ian's chest rumbled as he chuckled.

"Fine then," Mako said. She turned toward her audience. "Who is the woman of this house?"

Azurine stepped forward. "I am."

"I am sorry to degrade your home. I am aware you are used to these... conditions. I apologize now for any other disparaging comments I make. This is certainly not my usual working environment."

Azurine hid a quick smile. "I understand."

"No, but you will. I understand you will soon be at Atlantis."

"It seems that is the case."

"Then you will see why I consider your... this room woefully inadequate." Mako waved her hand at the room.

Azurine nodded. "Well, it isn't a science lab, which is what I understand you would rather have."

"Understand that what I would rather have is anything under the sea. But this will have to do."

Mako walked around the kitchen, testing the water, opening drawers. "You cook in here?" She seemed surprised. When Azurine nodded, she raised an eyebrow. "Then I suppose it will do. Well, you are certainly an outstanding woman. I like you. I would like you to assist me."

Azurine's eyes widened. "Oh, I'm not a scientist."

"Well, of course not. But the best time to learn something is when the tide is up and stirring the shore. That is certainly now."

Mako waved at the two strong Atlantian men, and they began bringing in cases.

"We will need all this gone." Mako pointed at the counter and the appliances that sat there.

Azurine rushed to remove them. Sonora rose to help her mother. When she reached for the mixer, the woman stopped her.

"Who are you?"

"I'm Azurine's daughter, and--"

"Oh yes, Ian's Intended." Her gaze scraped over Sonora. "You look half-dead. Go away."

Sonora blinked at the woman. She would admit she was still rather dizzy, but half-dead seemed a stretch. She humphed. "I assure you I'm--"

"Caspian!" Mako said, "Come and help your woman back to her seat. And take better care of her. I would have thought better of you."

Indignation swelled in Sonora's chest. "If you even knew--"

Ian rushed to Sonora's side and put an arm around her, dragging her back to their couch. "Yes, Council Mako."

"Ian!" Sonora struggled against him. How could she yell at Ian when he'd been through so much.

"Hist." Ian held his head close to hers. "You don't talk back to the council. It's disrespectful."

"Okay!" Sonora slumped onto the couch and crossed her arms. "But someone really needs to let her know what you have been through."

"They will, my love, they will."

In the end, Mako herself help Azurine clear the kitchen, treating each piece of small machinery as if it were a treasure.

The woman and Azurine worked quickly as Mike and Sonora made themselves useful telling Nick everything they knew about their family's history.

Within an hour, Mako had made several batches of replicated cure.

Mako filled the original vial and handed it to Nick then she turned to Jorah. "Now, what are you going to do with the rest of this?"

Jorah held the vial to the light. "Give it over to the ruler of this country. He can distribute it to his people."

Mako nodded and pulled out small containers from her supply of items and filled them.

She pushed all of them to Jorah except one. "Just in case." She waved a hand at the humans and Atlantian-humans in the room.

"Good idea." Jorah picked a container up. "Let's see if the humans can get this right."

"Well," Mako said, "I've made it as easy for them as I can. One of their supposed cavemen could do it. They can easily make enough for everyone."

Jorah gave Mako a small bow. "Thank you."

Mako crossed her arms. "You owe more than a thank you, believe me. And you better make sure I make it to the water's edge safely. I don't want to run into any of those infected humans."

Jorah nodded and ordered two of his guards to accompany her and the two guards she had brought.

After they were gone, Jorah stepped into the living room. "Nick, I will have Ian accompany you, along with two of my guards. I and the other four will deliver this to the ruler in charge."

Mike coughed. "You can't just 'find' the President of the United States."

Jorah chuckled. "You would be surprised at what we could find." He shook his head. "But the fact is, he has been taken to a secure, underground place because of the outbreak. So I will go to the nearest military facility and talk to one of the Chiefs of Staff that has recently arrived there. I will explain the situation, and give him the cure." Jorah looked at the others. "The rest of you, make sure you are ready. We leave for Atlantis on our return."

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