3 - En Route to Europe

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The following morning, Violet and Marlon woke up feeling refreshed. They were pumped for heading to the airport and getting on a plane to Europe.
It was a different story for Louis and Clem. They had been up all night and had not slept in nearly 72 hours. They couldn't even feel excited because the pair had no energy to do so.

Sat around the breakfast table in the hotel, Violet spoke up after noticing the pair of dark eyes.
"What's up with you two?" Pointing her toast at Clem and Louis, across the table. Her tone sounded suspicious of the two.

Louis was the one to reply, "We were up all last night, going around the city."

Marlon perked up at that answer. "Bro, really? You couldn't wait til we got to France?" He laughed.

Louis scoffed, "Shut up dude, it wasn't like that. Clem showed me her old house, we got food and lost track of time."

"Don't be disrespectful mullet." Violet defended.

Not involved in the conversation, Clem dismissed herself from the table to go back to the hotel room. She finished off her final packing for the trip. The group were setting off to Europe in a few hours, and the girl knew she would be able to sleep.
Hearing the door open behind her, the brunette girl turned around to see who it was. It was Violet.

"Hey, what're you doing here?" Clem asked the blonde, going back to repacking her possessions.

"Nothing, just wanted to talk. Feels like forever since we had a girl chat, ya know?" The taller girl replied.

Thinking to herself, Clem released they hadn't spoke in awhile. "Oh yeah. So, how are you and Minerva?"

The pause that followed made Clem think Violet wasn't there anymore, but turning around, she saw that the other girl was still there. Her face looked distant, as if lost in thought.

"Vi?" She interrupted the silence. But she ignored Clem and began to talk her thoughts.

"Me and Minnie, I don't know how we are. Since joining the navy, she's been distant. It's like she never has time for me anymore."

Clem started to feel bad, neglecting her friendships and failing to see the cracks. "I'm sure it'll be fine in a few weeks. There's been lots of change recently. Every relationship has tough times, like me and Lou." The brunette tried to reason.

Violet shrugged, "Maybe. But you and Louis are different."

Feeling confused, Clem furrowed her sculptured brows at the comment. "What do you mean?"

Sighing deeply, Violet continued to speak, "It's like you two could face the world and still be perfect for each other." She snorted, sourly, "-almost like soulmates."

Clem replied, defending herself, "That's not true Vi. Me and Lou argue and have rough times."

Violet stood up while scoffing, heading to the other side of the room and away from the bed.

Using her arms to gesture her point, "Argue about what? If y'all will get Chinese or pizza for dinner? Sure, whatever Clementine."

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