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Araceli sat tensely in her spot, hands folded in her lap as she stared at nothing else but the glass of water that was on the table. She didn't feel anything but confusion as to why she wanted to meet her. She was even more confused as to why she herself agreed to meet her, she didn't want anything to do with her unless it was work related and she had to interact with you.

Yet here she was, sitting in front of Jeongyeon in the private room that she had asked for, at a restaurant.

Araceli was avoiding all eye contact, busying herself by playing with her fingers and taking small sips of water. Her nerves were running wild and her mind was on overdrive, thoughts going every which way. It wasn't helping that she knew Jeongyeon was just staring at her, she could feel her gaze on her skin and it gave her goosebumps. The same goosebumps she used to get years ago whenever she merely felt Jeongyeon's presence near her. Jeongyeon had so much effect on her and she still does, and Araceli hated herself for it.

She hated herself for still having some type of feelings for her even if Jeongyeon didn't. She was her first love, and first loves were always the hardest to let go of.

"How are you these days?' Jeongyeon finally spoke up, deciding to break the unsettling silence that was there since the moment the two arrived. "I see you've been pretty busy with Seventeen...."

Araceli glanced up at her, finally taking in her image. Her hair was still short, still blonde as it was from her previous comeback. She wore a simple blouse and some jeans, nothing too fancy but was still presentable as usual.

"I've been fine, getting ready for our comeback..." Araceli spoke steadily, nodding slowly. She moved her attention back to her hands, heaving a silent sigh as she tried to relax a bit.

"Ah right, you guys come back soon."

So was Twice, theirs and Seventeen's was exactly one week apart. Meaning, they'd be promoting at the same time, which meant that Jeongyeon and Araceli would have to see each other more than ever. Araceli didn't know if that was something she was dreading or wanted.

Another silence fell upon the two, unsure of what to do or say. It bothered Araceli because she could've been using this time to prepare for her group's comeback, surrounded by the boys and at ease. But instead, here she was, summoned here by her ex-girlfriend who broke up with her, claiming to not hold any feelings for her anymore. At this point, Araceli's nerves had disappeared and were slowly being replaced by annoyance.


"Why did you ask me to be here, Jeongyeon?" Araceli's sudden bluntness caught the short-haired girl off guard.


"Why am I here? Obviously, there's something you wanted to talk to me about, right?" Araceli didn't know where her sudden mood change came from, but she just went along with it.

Jeongyeon fell silent. It was her turn to avoid Araceli's gaze, looking down at the table. She was trying to formulate a sentence in her head, something to answer her question.

"I just wanted to check on you."

Araceli couldn't help but scoff, crossing her legs and folding her arms as she leaned back in the chair she was sitting in. "And why the hell did you want to check on me?"

"Because I'm worried about you, Araceli."

"You have no reason to be worried about me."

"Yes, I do," Jeongyeon stated firmly, leaning over the table a bit. "I've been worried about you for so long. Just because we broke up, doesn't mean you shouldn't expect me to not care about you."

"You said you didn't love me anymore, that should be a good enough reason as to why I expected you to not care about me anymore," Araceli felt her voice waver a bit, but she still kept her eyes firmly on Jeongyeon. "You said you wanted nothing to do with me anymore, that should be a good enough reason as to why I expected you to not care about me anymore, Jeongyeon."

"I didn't mean any of that, Araceli."

"The fuck do you mean you didn't mean any of that?!?"

"I didn't mean what I said when I told you I didn't love you anymore," Jeongyeon raised her voice slightly, quickly bringing her hands to her face to rub at her temple in slight irritation. "I had to tell you that because I was debuting, you were too!"

"Yeah, like that's going to make the situation any better. That was a crappy explanation," Araceli mumbled, grabbing her things and standing up. Jeongyeon noticed this and was quick to stand up and grab Araceli's wrist, turning her around so that she could face her.

"No, Ara please..." Araceli grimaced at the use of her nickname coming from her mouth. She looked away, avoiding Jeongyeon's gaze once more.

"The dating ban," Jeongyeon said simply. "I didn't want to ruin your career if we were to ever get caught... I couldn't risk it. I wanted to tell you the truth about why I broke up with you in hopes that the awkward tension between us could be resolved... Our comebacks are at the same time, you know this. We'll have to be around each other for the time being and if the public notices the tension, they're going to start asking questions."

"Also.. because I needed you to know that I'm still here, I never stopped loving you and I hate that we turned out this way..." Jeongyeon trailed off, not knowing how to finish her sentence.Araceli couldn't help but sigh. She didn't know how to respond, or if Jeongyeon even wanted a response at all. All she did was grab Jeongyeon's hand that was on her wrist, took it off before letting it go.

"I appreciate the effort of trying to resolve things, but it's futile as of now. We're both currently busy and not in the right headspace to talk about this type of things at the moment, especially me," She spoke slowly, choosing her words carefully. "Let's talk about this another time maybe..."

Jeongyeon sighed but nonetheless nodded in agreement. Araceli pressed her lips into a straight line, mentally scolding herself for what she's about to do. She set her stuff down before slowly pulling Jeongyeon into a quick hug, relishing in the moment of being in her arms once again.

"Good luck on your comeback," She said before pulling away, bending down to grab her stuff once again.

"You too," Jeongyeon replied, watching as Araceli walked out the room without another word.



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