Chapter 11

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This is who I will be having to play as the new Raine Curry in the book

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This is who I will be having to play as the new Raine Curry in the book.


Melo got in the drivers seat and I got in the passengers .

"So how you been doing back at home ?" He asked me .

"I've been doing good been practicing a lot through out the week though just ready for the season to start " I said .

"Do you miss high school?" I asked him .

"I mean sometimes but not really I like being homeschooled so far" he said .

"By the way why you lie on the phone ?" He asked.

"Lied about what ?"

"About you liking me" he said .

"Melo stop playing you know we don't like each other like that " I said laughing.

Then Melo pulled over I'm guessing this was the restaurant.

"Raine we got to talk " he said .


{Raine Pov}

"So what we have to talk about ?"

"I been thinking about this for a while and I don't know how your going to take this ......but I feel like I like you more then a friend ".

I felt like my heart stopped , this really shook the hell out of me.

(He what's ?! I thought in my head )

"Hold up ......hold up ...wait , you what?"

"I feel like I like you more than a friend Raine simple " he said .

"It's not simple though . Your telling me you " like like " me and I don't even know if I feel the same because I really never thought about that stuff like that with you " I told him.

Melo just had this face like he was disappointed but didn't know what to say.

"Ite cool" was all he said.

He got out of the car and walked inside of the restaurant. I sighed throwing my back against the seat. I really didn't see this coming , I mean I never really thought he would like me like that .

Now it's obvious that he's mad at me , but can't be mad at me I really never thought of likening him more then a friend . I just been trying to focus on basketball and school.

I finally opened the door and got out of the car shutting it making sure I locked it.

I walked inside of the restaurant looking for him , I seen him in the back in a booth . I walked to where he was at and sat across from him .

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