The Saga of Tiberius Balinor, Book 1 (Temporarily Discontinued)

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"An empty hollow feeling... that is what I feel in the place where my heart should be, a void as large and wide as space itself. There is only one way, I know of, that can temporarily dull the pain and make me one step closer towards fulfilling an old vow. That path is to cut the life out of every single worthless piece of shit that was part of the invasion that killed the one and only person that I have ever truly loved... And at this very moment I will be on the verge of finding the ingrate who was directly responsible for her death. When I think of everything that has led me to this very moment, everything I'll miss, everything that will never happen, and all that has... I know that my thirst for revenge will never be filled. Not with memories... not with mercy... it can only be sated with one thing... blood..."

-Humble Beginnings- 


When I was born, my father brought our family out from the wilderness and took us to the poor district in Onderon. He then applied for a job as a Sentry and Hunter for the Onderon Military to keep the number of beasts around the wall to a minimum. He also worked as a Professional Tamer so if he could capture the beasts he would earn extra credits selling them. As I grew up my father taught me many things. He taught me how to; use guns, tame beasts, track, hunt, fight with the vibro-weapons and in hand-to-hand combat. My mother also taught me; How to cook food, apply and distinguish herbs, the Beast Rider culture, the history of Onderon, and the stories of Gobee who was Oron Kira's second in command. As I grew, I learned that the Beast riders were part of my ancestry. My mother told me once that the way bandits and thugs portray themselves as Beast riders, was a disgrace. She told me, "Learn from the past mistakes, look at the present ones, and prepare to set the future straight on the path of honor." My mother showed me the honorable path, and I continue to obey those teachings. 

At the age of Seventeen I joined the Onderon Military to assist my father. My brother on the other hand chose a different path and got off our home planet the moment he earned enough from gambling to buy a passport. I haven't heard from him since that day. During the very same year my father continued to teach many things. I even tamed my first beast that year, although it came at a price. I was severely scarred across my back, the scar itself never really completely healed. After another year or so had passed, my father left the Onderon Military. In turn I took up my father's job and went on to lead a small squad around the wall for a number of years. I honed my hunting skills with a rifle and occasionally my skill of taming beasts.  

At the age of twenty-one my service ended and I went home to ask for my father's blessing to leave Onderon and explore the galaxy. After a solemn goodbye to my family and my father's blessing, I left Onderon and went on to hunting beasts for villages with little money to hire exterminators or for a hefty sum from a republic outpost. On my arrival to a remote planet called Kamar, as I was wandering the planet in search of prey, I stumbled upon an injured Howlrunner pup. In my mercy, I nursed it back to health in a matter of weeks and began to teach it to hunt alongside me. I decided to name my newfound partner, Rucaran. We began hunting together as a team. No prey was able to escape our sight. My travels eventually led me to Alderaan. A peaceful planet that was different than most of the ones I had traveled to. Rucaran and I stood out among the tranquility of the land. I took to traveling among the mountains in order to look for quarry to keep Rucaran happy and to avoid the unnerving stares of the inhabitants so I could enjoy the peace. During one of the many journeys through the peaceful planet, something happened that day that would change my life... forever.

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