Debating whether or not I should grab the holy water, in the end, I decided against it. Vampires are already damned anyway. Tying my hair up in a ponytail, I leaned against the rack, waiting for Izzy and Clary to finish up.

"Let's go," Clary declared. "Then I'm going to tell you all about the yumminess of a wintermelon milktea."

I only shook my head in amusement, as Izzy and I followed the girl out.


"Welp," I sighed, passing the bloodied torn fabric to Clary. "Tracking's not working. Mundie's dead."  I informed them.

Clary hesitated. "I thought I'd try one more time, in case he's being held over water." She gripped the piece of fabric. She frowned, turning to Izzy. "You sure you're okay, being in this neighborhood full of vampires?"

Izzy nodded, but I caught the lump in her throat. I grew up with this girl, and like the typical shadowhunter, she tended to hide the pain.

"I can handle it. Yin-Fen dealers know the dirt. If we play our cards right, we might be able to get a lead on this delinquent blood sucker." She said.

"So, that mundane you're avoiding, is it because you're still hung up on Raphael?" I asked, already knowing the answer to my own question.

Izzy sighed and shook her head. "Let's just drop it."

I gave her look, before snapping my fingers in front of her face. "Hello? Best friend Amelia here. You do remember who you're talking to?"

"All the guys I've been with... Sex was always a big part of it." Izzy admitted. "With Raphael it was about everything but that. He made me feel like I wanted so much more."

"So why end it?" Clary asked.

"We thought we couldn't be together without being tempted by our old habits." She replied, and I could tell she was trying to keep the sadness from her tone. "But Raphael and I...there's something about us that just fits."

"Izzy, your instincts are always spot on." The redhead told her. "If you and Raphael fit—" the redhead gasped.

Instinctively, my hand went to the hilt of seraph blade. "What's wrong?"

Clary furrowed her eyebrows. "I just got a tracking hit on our missing mundane. He's not dead."

"Not yet." I said.

Clary casted me a look and I raised my hands up.

"Tracking signal's on fire. The mundane must be close." Izzy noted.

We came across a small building, and into a dusty, old basement. I fought the urge to sneeze.

The grip on my blade tightened, when I heard a sound. "Keep your eyes open."

Clary let out a sharp inhale, and pointed to hole in the ground. "I think he is dead."

"Looking for something?" A man snarled.

My eyes widened. That's why the tracking didn't work the first time.

"Vampire, we know you're thirsty. We're not here to hurt you. Now, cooperate, and we'll hand you over to Raphael, make sure you get fed."

The newly-turned vampire only hissed at us.

"Where's the vampire who killed you?"

The vampire laughed maniacally.

1"Please, we don't want to kill you! Just take us to your sire."

"Not a chance." He said, and with lightning speed, ran straight for me.

He knocked me to the ground, as I growled lowly, using my legs to get him off. And then there was the sound of a whip lashing, and with a grunt, Izzy yanked him off.

With a yell, Clary threw her blade, and I was quite proud when it landed in his shoulder. Clary was getting the hang of her weapons quite quickly.

The vampire howled in pain, as Clary helped me up. I pointed my crossbow at him. "Unless you want to die a second time, you're going to cooperate." I threatened.

He growled when he pulled Clary's blade out, before letting it clatter to the ground.

He was surrounded by the three of us. Neither made the first move. The vamp was obviously weighing his chances.

Frankly, I was only waiting for him to do something stupid.

And he did. He attacked Izzy, and the sound of her whip turning into a staff met my ears as she deflected his attack.

She cursed, and then Clary was fumbling for her other blade. Izzy hit him, the end of the staff creating a large gash across his cheek.

The vampire scrambled back, before turning it sights on me. I quickly strapped my crossbow across my back and deflected his blow with my blade.

Caught off guard, Clary used this as an opportunity as she sprang at him, plunging the blade into his skull, the point of the blade protruding from his mouth.

It exploded.

Well, that was disgusting.

"Nicely done." Izzy commented.

Thinking it was over, Clary bent down to retrieve her kinjals.

And then suddenly there was screaming, and Clary nearly dropped the weapon in surprise.

"Upstairs!" Izzy shouted.

Together, we bolted up the stairs, and the sight made me panic.

"Raphael!" Izzy exclaimed.

It was Raphael, stripped down to his boxers, shackled. And the sun was rising. Fast.

Running to him, Clary and I cut the chains with our blades as Izzy rushed over and grabbed him by the shoulders. "Get him out of the sun!" Grabbing his legs, we hauled him to a shaded corner.

Raphael squeezed his eyes with pain, as the burns on his legs started to heal. It was slow, though.

He grimaced.

"What happened?!" Izzy demanded, as I shrugged off my jacket and laid it over his body.

He sighed. "I tried to get a lead on the vampire. I tried to take her down on my own. But she got the upper hand."

"Who is she?" I asked.

He shook his head. "I don't know."

My phone buzzed.

Alec: you need to get here. It's Morgan.

"We need to go," I stated.

I turned to Izzy, who's jaw was locked and tense.

Well, those two needed to talk.

"Izzy, we'll meet you back at the Institute."

Grabbing Clary's arm, I led her off the terrace and then we were back on the streets.

"So," I started. "Is milktea a drink where you mix milk and tea?"


hi im alive

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