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I grimaced as a possessed Morgan banged her head into the prison. The prison she was detained in were not like the ones in the Silent City, but this was where like magic met technology.

It should've hurt when Morgan hit her head, but as of the moment, she couldn't feel it.

"Sarah!" She yelled, her voice demonic. "I need to get to Sarah!"

I crossed my arms over my chest. "Whatever dark force you are, we will release you to your realm, unharmed. Just tell us who helped possess this mundane."

Ignoring me, she screamed, "take me to Sarah!"

"Who is the owl demon?" Alec crossed his arms over his chest as he stared at Morgan, who was acting demonic, despite the fact the she wasn't taken. Hmm.

"Maybe the Owl's got a little control over her?" I suggested.


"Any luck?" Magnus asked, whilst patting me on the head. I scowled. Was I the only small person experiencing that? Magnus smirked at my expression.

I sighed. "There's no breaking through."

Alec tilted his head at Magnus. "What've you got?"

"Sarah's her twin sister." Answered Magnus. "They share an apartment in Queens. If the Owl's M. O. is consistent with his previous victims, Morgan is being driven to kill someone she loves."

Suddenly, my phone buzzed. Pulling my phone out of my pocket, and checked the notification.

Clary: wanna come with Izzy and I?

Me: where to?

Clary: gonna try to find a rogue vamp. Come on. We can get milktea when we're done!!

Me: what the hell is a milktea?

Clary: you know coffee but you don't know milktea?

Me: coffee is different. It's like...chocolate. it's universal.

Clary: just get your butt here and I'm going to give you a lecture otw.

"Alec. Clary asked me if I wanted to hunt for a rogue vamp. Can I go?" I asked, as if I were a little kid asking permission if I could eat just one piece of candy.

My husband turned to me. "Okay. But be safe, okay?" He told me, pulling me into a hug.

When he pulled back, he went for my lips, and I welcomed them, wrapping my arms around his neck as his went around my wait. I smiled, my heart pounding in my chest.

I don't think I would ever get sick of this. We both pulled away all too soon, needing oxygen.

I couldn't stop the grin from spreading so widely, so I pulled my hair in front of my face.

Magnus made a gagging noise. "Eek. Newly-weds."

Alec smirked, and pulled me in for another knee-weakening kiss, probably to just annoy Magnus. "Just to remind you, there are a million rooms in the Institute. You could finish your business there." Magnus spoke sarcastically.

Pulling away from Alec, I spun around, and broke into a sprint so I get there in time, and not make Izzy and Clary wait.

Izzy was strapping on some gear as I entered the weapons room. Clary held out to me my gear, and I silently thanked her as I took it. I shoved the blades in the holsters, and grabbed my bow and quiver.

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