Chapter 2

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Everyone remembers Zethrid and Narti right? They will be dudes for the sake of the story!

I do not own characters except for Hailey Ito!

~Present Time~ Keith's World~

"Ugh I hate Math." Keith groaned laying his head on his desk.

"Come on Keith. There's only like 5 minutes left. And then It's lunch!" Shiro said patting his friend on the back.

The two watched as the teacher, Mr. Jones, write the confusing equations on the board.

"Shannon! Since you decided to take a nap you are going to answer this equation!" But before Shannon got to the board the bell went off.

"Finally!" Keith said collecting his belongings and shoving them in his bag. "Let's go meet up the with the others."

Together Shiro and Keith walked towards their lockers. Shiro's locker just happened to be across the hall from Keith's.

As Keith put his stuff in his locker, a figure leaned against the locker beside him.

"Hey Mullet head." Keith turned his head to look at the person who spoke.

"Hey Thing one." Keith Replied. "You really need to make up a different nickname for me."

"Yeah I know. I'm still thinking of one!" Matt said. He really was, sure Matt was smart but when it comes to nicknames, well he wasn't exactly good at that.

"Matt still can't think of nickname for you Keith?" Shiro asked walking over to the two.

"Nope." Keith shook his head and closed is locked door.

"Pidge said she would meet us in the cafeteria with Hailey and Adam." Matt Said.

Hailey and Adam. Hailey was Matt's Soulmate. While Adam's was Shiro's.

Hailey and Matt met thanks to Matt's brains. He had drawn a map on his arm and circled where he was. And Hailey just happened to be in the same town. They picked a location and met there. That location just happened to be the park Matt used to go to with his twin sister and best friends. They were 14 when they met.

Shiro and Adam met when Adam was working. Adam worked at his Family's flower shop. Shiro was 11 years old at the time. Since his Mother's Birthday was fast approaching, Shiro decided to get his mom flowers, so his father took him to his close friends shop. Adam was helping his mom write stuff on the cards and when Shiro and his father approached the counter, Adam got marker on his hand and that appeared on Shiro's same hand in the same spot.

Keith and Pidge still had no clue who there soulmates were. Pidge and her soulmate 'talked' on a daily basis, She would be meeting them soon though. Her soulmate just happened to be moving into the same town Pidge and the others lived in. Only time will tell when they meet.

Keith and his soulmate occasionally drew together and would write simple words like 'Hi' and would have mini conversations about their days. But that was about it.

The 3 of them arrived at the Cafe looking for the other 3. Shiro having spotted them first, grabbed on to Matt and Keith dragging them towards the table.

"Hey you guys!" Adam said standing up to greet them. Hailey doing the same.

Adam and Shiro shared a hug and a peck on the cheek as they didn't really doing much PDA stuff in public. Hugging, holding hands and giving each other kisses on the cheek and sometimes pecking each others lips was as far as they would go.

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