Chapter Eighteen

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"Are you also going to the church?" I asked the girl who's name was Celeste. She was walking beside for quite a while now after the scene Sheila caused at the circle.

"No. I mean yes!" She said. "I'm also going to the church."

I stared at her dead in the eyes and she averted. "Why are you following me?" I asked. I could see the church from afar.

Please don't be a creepy girl who likes to follow people, I prayed.

"I-I don't actually know. Who would have thought that the Golden Princess had some issues with her family."

     "Everyone has issues with their own family. And I don't really care about my family's affair. I have my own now."

     "Wow, you're really are a cold bitch," Celeste said that made me look at her. "I'm sorry. Are you angry? Cause I couldn't point out with your unemotional face."

     This lady has a sharp mouth. "No, I am not angry at all," I said. We were getting near the church. From here I could see a person seated in front of the church door.

     When Chloe saw us she jumped to her feet and ran as she shouted, "Sister Catriona!"

"Is it true, that you slept with the famous captain and got pregnant that's why he married you?"

Ah, that awful night. Truth was I didn't remember much. I was drunk that time, very drunk. He was there sulking alone on the corner and I went up to him, that's it. The next morning I was laying on the bed with Nikolai and a hangover.

Only few knew about this.

"Lady Lilian slipped her tongue at the tea party." Celeste watched Chloe running towards us with a smile on her face.

Lilian and her useless mouth of her.

     A person emerged inside the church. Nadie's face was washed with relief when she saw me. Nadie and I were separated at the circle a while ago at the circle.

"Well it's true," I said.

     Chloe hugged me. "I thought you'll never coming back."

     I patted her head. "I'm here now. Did you ate the cake that I made?"

     She shook her head and stayed there hugging me. I didn't know she'll miss me like this, I should have come back sooner.

      Nadie caught up and said, "Chloe waited so that she could eat with you."

     Ugh! Such an adorable child. My heart leaped with joy. "Come now let's go inside. Do you want to eat some cake, Celeste?" I asked.

     "I do like some sweets, thank you," she said.

     When we went inside the church we were greeted by my aunt. I was never been closed to Aunt Mary when I was a child nor in my previous life. Too bad that she became a nun because she's beautiful.

"Hello Catriona," she said. "Who's your friend?"

"She's Lady Celeste Romanov, we just met a while ago. Lady Celeste meet my aunt, Mary Holler" I said and they exchanged greetings. "How are you, Aunt Mary?"

She gave me a small smile. I could see that her eyes were sad from looking at me because of how I resemble her older sister. This was also why I avoid aunt in my previous life. "I don't think you want to know how mundane my life is."

I shrugged. "For the sake of respect, I guess?"

She laughed then made us follow to the mess hall. Since the church was also an orphanage, the mess hall was crowded with children that varied of 1 year old as the youngest and 15 years old as the oldest. They ate their lunch lively that food spilling everywhere, out of their plate and out of their mouths.

     They all stopped and sat properly when they all saw Aunt Mary who had a frown face. These kids were in big trouble.

     "We have visitors." Her voice reverberated at the mess hall. "Eat properly not like pigs who haven't eaten for a month. Have we neglected to feed you?"

     "No, sister Mary," they all murmured unsynchronised.

     "Again. Clearly and at the same time." They all said properly this time. Satisfied Aunt Mary said, "Now apologize and welcome our visitors."

     I was somehow thankful that I seldom see Aunt Mary when I was a child or I'll be shitting in my dress. She was like a strict evil woman in every princesses story.

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