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The next day I got dressed I went to the dinner. I told granny that I was quitting. I didn’t really want to be a waitress anymore, She understood.After i walked to Golds shop. I walked in and saw Rumpelstiltskin behind his counter.

‘’Ah Elizabeth. What can i do for you?’’He said. I walked  in front of him and i pulled at the ends my sweater sleeves.

‘’I'm looking for a tiara. I was wearing it when the curse was cast and I heard you have all our belongings from before the curse’’I said

‘’I have a couple tiaras’’he said walking to another counter and I followed. I heard footsteps and saw a woman come from the back. She was really pretty, she had brown, auburn kind of,hair and bright green- blue eyes. She had goof fashion sense too, i have never seen her here before.

‘’Oh hello.’’she said, with an accent, kind of Australian.

‘’Belle, this is Elizabeth’’Rumple said. She cam over to me and shook my hand’

‘’It's nice to meet you’’she said

‘’You too, you can call me Rose, that's my actual name, not my curse name.’’I said giving her a soft smile.

‘’These are the only tiara's I have’’ Rumple said. I put my attention to the tiara's and saw mine. The small tiara that i got when i was just a little girl, when my mother got sick. I smiled and picked it up.

‘’This is it’’I said, emotions filling me. I looked at Rumpelstiltskin.

‘’How much?’’I asked

‘’No charge’’Rumple said looking at Belle, who smiled at me.

‘’Are you sure?’’I asked

‘Yes, i am’’he said

‘’Thank you’’I said smiling at him.

I looked at belle’’Nice meeting you’’

I walked out and of Golds shop and looked at my tiara as I walked. Tears came to my eyes as I remembered my mother and the day that she gave this to me. I was a little girl, about 10 but I still remember it clearly. The last time i held this tiara was when Peter gave it to me, after i lost it.


I started hyperventilating and i held my stomach as tears came down my face. How could i have lost it. I bent down and i looked under the bed but there was nothing there, just some swords and other weapons. I stood back up just as the tent flap was pushed back. I wiped my eyes as peter walked in. He looked at me worried.

''What happened? Who hurt you?''Peter asked, stalking over to me and looking over me.

''No one hurt me, Peter. I misplaced my tiara''i said. Peter gave me a sad look and he wiped a tear off my face and putting his hand on my arm, pulling me closer to him.

''I will find your tiara, I promise you'' Peter assured me

I nodded and i gave him a smile.

''I can get you a new one''

Peter held out his hand but i put my hand ontop of his and pushed it down.

''No, peter i don't want a random tiara, i want my tiara''I said

He nodded in understatement. He pressed his lips to my forehead.

''I will find it for you, my Rose''Peter said


I went home and dropped my tiara off at home, Putting it in a box and up into my closet. I still cant believe that Peter actually found it. I went to the diner to hangout with some friends from school. After i was walking home. I pulled my coat tighter against my body, fighting the winter cold. I looked back, i felt like someone was watching me. But there was no one behind me. I shrugged and i kept walking.

I didn’t want to go to school the next day but I had to. Snow and David forced me to go to school. I sat through boring classes and  after school I got on the bus with Henry.Henry and I talked about the enchanted forest and stuff and then the bus got to ou stop. I threw my backback over my sholder and we got off the bus. We crossed the street and we saw Emma.

‘’Emma’’I said smiling

‘’Hey, can I talk to henry alone, Mary Margret and David want to talk to you as well’’

I nodded and gave henry a smile before walking over to David and Snow.

‘’Hey guys, Whats wrong?’’I asked.

‘’Its Archie. Hes dead. Regina killed him’’Snow explained. I put my hand on my mouth.

‘’Why would she kill him!?’’I asked

‘’They got into a fight yesterday and last night she went to his office and killed him.’’David said.

‘’But she was doing good.She was changing’’I said

‘’I know. But she let herself slip’’Snow said and she hugged me, tears running down my face. I actually thought that Regina would change but I guess I was wrong. I was really rooting for her.

‘’Come on lets get home’’David said putting a hand on my back and we started walking. I wiped the tears from my face. I was close with Archie. He was very kind, always wanting to help people. I remember getting stuck in the mines with him and Henry. God that was awful. It seemed like such a long time ago. And really it wasn’t.

Authors note:

I will update later! I promise! Did you guys like the little flashback of Rose and Peter. What would there ship name be? PanRose? I dont know, you guys can think about that. So i have a kind of idea for this story but i will tell you guys when i update later today. Gives you a reason to read my update later and motivation for me to update later.


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