Suiran Academy 2

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SUIRAN ACADEMY is a school for noble and wealthy people. Consisting of six years of elementary, three years for middle school and three years of high school.
Suiran Academy has a special class known as 'Petite Pivoine' or Little Peony.

And this is also the place where the events starts. Well, it'll be in highschool so it's currently not a problem.
Besides, it's not like I'll disturb those targets. Being the only girl in a higher status, I wonder what'll happen?

Fufufu I can't wait.

"You look stupid."

I stiffen and slowly turn to look at the one who spoke.

Meeting my gaze, Tonoiun-sama coldly look at me, in his side was his best friend and his side kick and also a capture target, Tadashi Karino.

But hmm? I look stupid? Fufufu.

"Ara~ara~ how rude of you, Tonoiun-sama."

Tonoiun-sama frowned and Tadashi-sama look confused.

Uhm? What's with that reaction?

Then my attention was caught on the other side as a loud snort was heard.
Kaburagi-sama, with his head high, give a loud 'hmph' and in his side was his servant, no, uh, friend and side kick also a capture target, Tsuji Ren.

Ara~ara~ what's with this  coincidence? Is this a coincidence? Hmm~.

Well whatever, we're not yet in highschool anyway.

"Oh? Looks like you're not late."

Kaburagi-sama tauntingly look at Tonoiun-sama passing through me. So currently, our position are the two great masters and their aides at the sides then the lonely me at the middle along with my attendant/ maid.

Ara~ara~ I wonder if I should also find my aides? Hmm~.

Tonoiun-sama just gave a snort as he coldly glared at Kaburagi-sama. Is it just me or there's sparks flashing through their eyes?

An awkward 'ha ha' and a sighed of helplessness can be heard from their aides.

Ara~ara~ It must be hard for you two.

Well then, I should get going or I'll be late, the conflict between these two has nothing to do with me.

With a small smile on my face, I lightly bow and excuse myself.

Hmm~. I wonder if they have yummy foods at the salon?

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