The end

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In all honesty, the human is mind both fickle and strong. It depends, how you can make them believe and create a belief for strong that it will not wash away no matter what.

The mind if fed with lies and wrong things for a long time will believe it to be the truth.

That is what followed after Trisha was shot dead. The voice of several came together to shout against the alteration of human DNA and the original human nature. But some were still strong on the belief that the human mind needed to be tamed and altered as thought best in long run.

Some were scared that they will never find love if the DNA match system was gone but that is not how it goes, it is all how heart and mind shake hands and give nod a person together. Love might be a mere scientific formula but it only lasts because, besides the reaction and chemistry, it's the heart that keeps you going in a tough time and you know someone who always has your back no matter how much you argue each other.

Almost a year passed by as people survived the plague and a fresh wave of change set in. New babies were born without any alternations or changes, with a chance to love and live with their own choices.

Trisha's family took the major blow of losing their daughter. Sage went dark after Trisha died, the pain too much for him to handle because he was still the abnormal as norms are hard to change and he also had no one, no family left.

Killian and Ryan worked at the labs as the head who brought about the change and carried out campaigns to make people aware of the situation and how it is changing for better.

But the loss of Trisha was a shock of the wave that was needed. She was gone but she was still the girl with the cure, she was the one that caused it and yet she was the one who ended it. Some hated, some cursed her, some respected her and yet no one loved her because in the end, it was because of her that it started.

Like the plan was, Trisha was the villain even after all she did and all she went through. She was for some the force that changed the direction of the wind and for some the force that caused the storm. She was a legend with both facts and fantasy added to her story.

Only people who knew the truth was her family and the boy she came to love, Sage who was still mourning her loss. 

The daughter of the actual Villian was being raised by Trisha's parents and slowly started opening up to them even though they will find her crying sometimes calling out her mother's name in sleep.

She was renamed as Tris in the memory of their daughter and also because the girl needed a new identity because she was the daughter of the woman who brought death.

Everything was far from perfect but then again nothing is ever perfect.


"Do you need company?" Killian asked Ryan as he kept a bag of cookies in his bag.

"No, you went last time. This time Dad wants to go." Ryan gave a small apologetic smile.

Killian sighed and looked at the lab report in his hands. He hated that Trisha was not here, he hated that after all this he was left alone, he hated Sage for being her final choice. And yet he found love once and he can't complain now because he didn't get a second chance when both Trisha and Sage didn't even get one.

"Trisha's mom doesn't know yet?" He asked.

"No," Ryan gave a small answer not bothering to talk more in this matter.

He drove for six hours without making a stop and picked up his father.

"You brought flowers," Ryan commented knowing too well that this was all he can get to keep mom in dark.

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