Chapter 24: Back Pain

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edited 08/05/19

It's the first of March. 18 days before my birthday and I don't really know what to expect. Will my father still keep his word or am I not supposed to worry about it anymore?

Chan and Felix are probably still around though...they have something to do with my father. If they live, so will my father's words but the only difference is, he can't hurt me anymore nor the people I love.

The boys finally let me leave the house. As soon as they did, I went back to training. I have to get back in shape before my birthday comes. I can't face my father in a weak state. Hyunjin and Woojin are helping me, taking turns but most of the time, Hyunjin's the one who helps me since he's afraid that Woojin might lose self-control again.

Seungmin on the other hand, is busy roaming around, sometimes with Woojin. He's doing his best in trying to search for the four. We are not supposed to be obliged but it just happened.

"Hyunjin," I huffed after halting my attacks. He's training me to be on the offense while he plays defense and we've been training for straight 2 hours. I'm already breathing my lungs out while my boyfriend doesn't seem affected at all.

"Yes, babe?" He asked, smiling cheekily at me. He probably finds my weak stamina funny. I wonder if half breeds are naturally weaker than full ones or maybe it's just because I've been resting for too long. On the not-so-bright-side, I still can't move on from the nicknames he use to call me.

"Have I ever told you about my birthday?" I asked, wiping the sweat off of my eyes with my forearm as I feel them starting to sting.

"Nope. I didn't tell you mine as well," he replied in a cute, jumpy tone. He's such a baby sometimes despite being all manly and shit when he's fighting.

"My birthday is in about three weeks," I nonchalantly said and was about to sit down on the bench but he abruptly pulled me towards his chest.

"Ya! What did I tell you about sitting down when resting? You never listen do you!" He sounded mad but I can literally hear the smile from his tone. He wrapped his arms tightly around me and rested his chin on top of my head.

Breezy brat.

"Back to our conversation, my birthday is in about three weeks too," he said. He started stroking my hair which soothed me so much that I feel like I'm about to fall asleep and disrupt training. "March 20."

My eyes widened and I immediately pull away from him to look at him. "Seriously? My birthday's the day before that!"

He started giggling then pulled me back to his chest and instead of stroking my hair, he started ruffling it. "You're too cute aren't you?"

"Ya!" I swat his hand away after pushing him. "Don't do that."

"You're still as cold as ever. You're hurting my heart!" He dramatically places both of his hands on his chest– only to receive a punch from me.

"Let's continue training."

Well, I don't want to think of my birthday anymore and training could distract me.

"Really? Aren't you too tired already?" He teased as if he wants to get punched again but with a better impact this time. I merely glared at him and his eyes widened which means he got the hint so we continued training.

I want to stare at him the whole time and admire his beauty. He is so beautiful and handsome at the same time– it's really impossible as if I found an angel in this hell-kind-of-a-world.

If only I can I would but for now, I have to focus on training. There's not much time left. We're full of missions as if living now is about fighting in a literal sense. Like we were born to get cuts in every inch of our skins.

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