Chapter 12:The Gremlins

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Okay so let's see what's in store for Liam and Team Kingdom now that the school year is underway! What challenges await them and what missions will they be sent on?
Liam has to say he was surprised at how well things had been going for him in the past few weeks. After his initial encounter with the Rose Family, Ruby and Yang have kept their distance from him. Liam was surprised, but wasn't going to complain that the two of them had finally learned their lesson. Although things had gotten boring as of late with just going to class and heading back to his dorm everyday. Liam was crossing his fingers that Ozpin had a mission for him and his team, because all this sitting around was driving him crazy!
"Would Liam Nikos please report to my office." Ozpin announced over the loudspeaker as Liam got excited. "You think Ozpin has a mission for us this weekend?" Zane asked his friend as Liam looked at him and cracked a smile. "Here's to hoping that's what he wants. Seriously it's about time we get some action!" Liam said before sinking into Zane's Shadow and rushing off to meet Ozpin. "I hope our first mission isn't to difficult." Kairi commented as she continued to walk back to their dorm. Although she was quickly stopped by and arm pinning her against the wall.
Kairi looked up to find Yang glaring at her slightly as Ruby stood next to her with a similar look on her face. "Where's Liam?" Yang demanded as she glared at the Keyblade Wielder in a threatening manner. "That's none of your business, besides he already told you to stay away from him." Kairi said calmly as she felt Yang press her against the wall even harder. "He's my brother, so it is my business!" Yang growled out angrily as her eyes flickered between lilac and red. "Bimbo you have five seconds to remove your hands from Kairi before I cut them off." Zane said darkly as he held the Kingdom Key against her throat.
                    "Can you just stay out of it! It's your fault our brother ran away from home in the first place!" Yang yelled as her eyes turned red and her hair flowed wildly behind her. "Oh look your temper is showing, how surprising. Also my fault? I told my best friend he should get out of there before you killed him!" Zane fires back as he glared right back at the enraged Yang. "We wouldn't have killed him! What do you take us for?" Ruby asked in disbelief at Zane's statement. "Let me ask you something Red, if your mom hadn't shot Liam that day would all of you stopped?" Zane questioned as Ruby's eyes widened before looking away.
"That's what I thought it took nearly killing him for you to realize just how horrible all of you are. Now you want to make things right, but guess what Liam has moved on. So here's a thought just leave him alone." Zane said as Ruby dropped to her knees and began crying as Yang just got angrier at his words. "That's it! I'm taking care of the problem right now!" Yang shouted as she tried to punch Kairi, but her gist was stopped by Zane's Telekinesis. "If you want to take care of the problem Bimbo, then do Liam a favor and get lost!" Zane said as he used his Telekinesis to throw Yang to the ground next to Ruby.
Zane sighed before turning to face Kairi. "You okay Kairi? That Bimbo didn't hurt you did she?" Zane asked in worry as he approached his friend. "I'm fine Zane, just caught off guard is all!" Kairi said with a chuckle as she walked up to him and planted a kiss on his cheek. "Thanks for the save." Kairi whispered to him as a blush spread across his face. Neo stepped forward and looked down at the Rose/Xiao Long sisters with a glare on her face. "You really only care about yourselves don't you? Do you even know just how badly you've hurt Liam?" Neo's sign types out as she continued to glare at them before walking away.
                "Alright Ozpin what can a do for you?" Liam asked as he climbed out of his shadow and stood in front of the Professor. "Well Liam I have a Mission for you and your team this weekend." Ozpin started as Liam pumped his fist in the air. "Alright! I've been bored lately!" Liam said excitedly as he smiled at Ozpin, who gave him a smile of his own. "You didn't let me finish, the mission is to eliminate so resent Heartless activity. Although I don't think you'll be happy with where your going for this mission." Ozpin said in a dark tone as Liam gave him a confused look.
"What do you mean Professor? How bad could it possibly be?" Liam asked the Headmaster who responded with a sigh of annoyance. "The location of the Heartless activity is Patch." Ozpin said as Liam's faze hardened at the mention of the place from his childhood. "You mean I'm gonna be close to where "they" live?" Liam said in a dark tone as he glared at Ozpin. "Mr. Nikos if you and your team weren't the only ones capable of taking down Heartless I would send someone else." Ozpin stated as he took a sip from his mug. Liam sighed in frustration as he ran his hands through his messy grey hair.
"Okay Professor we'll get it done, but I don't want you to alert Team STRQ or Yang and Ruby of the situation." Liam demanded as Ozpin looked at him in slight shock. "Liam it's important to notify the local Huntsmen and Huntresses in the area of a threat." Ozpin stated, but was met by a cold glare from Liam. "If you notify them, they'll come rushing to the scene in hopes of talking to me. This would both make the situation worse and could lead to my team getting distracted while we work." Liam fired back at the Headmaster who sighed in response to his top student's words.
"Very well Mr. Nikos, but I expect you to get the Mission done before the Weekend is over." Ozpin states as he gives Liam a stern look. Liam let out a laugh as he began to sink into Ozpin's shadow once again. "Trust me Professor, when have I ever failed to get the job done?" Liam said before disappearing completely into the shadow. Ozpin sighed to himself once again as Glynda looked at him with slight concern. "Do you feel like something will go wrong on the mission?" Glynda asked Ozpin who sighed once again. "Knowing the Rose family's persistence when it comes to Liam, yes I fear something will go wrong." Ozpin said before going back to his work.
Liam walked towards his Team's dorm only to spot Ruby and Yang waiting for him down the path. "These two really don't know when to give up do they?" Liam thought to herself as he continued to walk with his hands in his pockets. Yang tried to grab his shoulder to stop him, but he jumped into the air and front flipped past her. Liam continued to walk, but his path was blocked by Ruby, who used her semblance to get in front of him. Liam sighed before turning around to look at Yang. "What the hell do you two want? I'm kinda busy right now." Liam said with slight irritation in his voice as he glared at Yang.
"Big Brother we wanted to invite to dinner at our house this weekend." Yang stated as Liam sighed in frustration at her words. "One I'm not your big brother, and two hell no." Liam said before turning around to walk away, but was face to face with Ruby. "Please Big Brother, Mom hasn't been the same since you left! The rest of the family has been falling apart since you left!" Ruby begged as tears formed in the corners of her eyes. "Ruby I'm not your brother. Also the family is falling apart? To fricken bad, that's what all you deserve after everything you did!" Shouted as Ruby stumbled back in fear.
                  "Would you stop being selfish already? Summer hasn't smiled in years because of you! She locks herself in your room for most of the day and is depressed all the time! Does that mean nothing to you?" Yang yelled angrily as her eyes turned red. "Selfish? Really I'm being selfish, after everything you done, I'm the selfish one?" Liam said as he glared at Yang. "Just come with us so Summer cheers up." Yang growler out in a threatening manner as she took a step towards Liam. Liam started to laugh uncontrollably as Yang got angrier at him. "What's so funny?!" Yang shouted as she took another step forward.
"I see what this is about now, you don't want to make things right by inviting me. You just want to make sure mommy isn't sad anymore, well to bad I hope she suffers along with rest of you!" Liam shouted before turning to walk away. "Besides if you gremlins must know my team and I have a mission this weekend so I couldn't even if I wanted to." Liam said as he continued to walk away from the two sisters. Yang was about to chase after him, but was stopped by a hand on her shoulder. "Blake? What are you and Weiss doing here?" Yang asked as her partner gave her a stern glare. "Would you two just give it a rest already?" Blake said in a stern tone as she tightened her grip on Yang.
                   "What do you mean? We want our brother back!" Yang growled angrily as Weiss just shook her head in disappointment. "Yes you and your family want him back, but he doesn't want to return to any of you. So I say respect his wishes and move on." Weiss said as she looked down at the sisters in disgust. "B-But we want our family to be complete again!" Ruby weeped our as she cried into her hands. "From the sounds of what you did to him, he was never apart of the family to begin with." Blake fires back as she and Weiss turn to leave. "Both of you need to learn how to grow up, before you push Liam to far." Weiss said as they left the sisters alone to think about what they have done.
Liam entered the dorm and gathered his teammates together to update them on the situation. "Alright Ozpin gave of a mission this weekend. There's a Heartless infestation in Patch that we have to take care of." Liam said as Kairi stood up to speak. "Liam are you sure your okay with going to Patch, what if your former family come after you?" Kairi questioned as she looked at her leader in worry. "I made Ozpin promise not to notify Team STRQ or Yang and Ruby, so it'll be a simple get in and get out mission." Liam said as he tried to put his friend's nerves at ease.
"Alright well if it's Heartless we really are the only ones that can take care of it!" Zane said as he put his hands behind his head and leaned back. "The Bullhead leaves tomorrow at night, so be ready. Let's get this job done team!" Liam said as his teammates cheered before going off to their rooms to pack. "Hubby are you sure this will be okay?" Neo asked as she took his hands in hers and looked him in the eye. "It'll be fine Ice Cream Cone, we'll get in get the job done and get out. So don't worry okay?" Liam said as he planned a kiss on his forehead. Neo nodded before going to her room to pack as Liam did the same for the mission ahead of them this weekend.

Okay so Team KNDM are going on their first mission! Although it's deep into enemy territory for Liam and will give him one other thing to worry about besides the Heartless! How will this mission go for the team? Find out next time!

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