Chapter 1

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Before I start let's talk about the Soulmate Part.

Things that are drawn/written or tattooed on the skin will show on both Soulmates. So when Matt Writes or draws something on his skin it will appear on his soulmate, Hailey's skin in the same place and colour. Same with a tattoo.

Keith's dads name is Heith.

I do not own the characters! Except for Hailey.

On to the story now

~~~~~ This chapter is based in the past~~~~~~

~Keith's World~
Keith Kogane never knew soulmates existed until he went to the park with his parents. He was only 6 when it happened.

As he was playing on the swing set, something appeared on his arm. He wasn't exactly sure what it was suppose to be. It look to be a animal of some sort. A cat?

Keith quickly ran to his parents to show them the animal that appeared on his arm.

"Mommy! Daddy! Look! Look!" Keith yelled jumping up and down.

"Keith! You need to stop jumping." His mom, Krolia, said. "We can't see what it is when your moving!"

"Oops. Sorry mommy." The 6 year old said as he stopped jumping up and down.

Krolia and Heith gasp.

"Keith!" Exclaimed Heith. "How did this happen?"

"I was playing on the swing set and it just appeared out of nowhere! It just came like POOF." Keith explained.

Both parents laughed at their sons reenactment of the drawing appearing.

"Well little Red, how about we go home and explain over dinner?" Heith asked.

Keith nodded and grabbed his parents hands and walked home.

"Can we have pizza for dinner?" Keith asked looking up at his parents with a pout.

"Sure little Red." Krolia giggled at her sons face.

~Lance's World~

The day after Lance drew a cat on his arm, he recieved a dinosaur on the palm of his hand.

As he went to grab a cookie from the jar, he caught a glimpse of his hand. The dinosaur was still being drawn.

Lance quickly ran to his mother and sister who were in the living room watching TV.

"Mommy!" Lance Screeched at the top of his lungs. Luckily the rest of his family were out of the house or else he would've gotten in trouble with everyone.

"Lance! What's wrong bebé?" Lance's mother, Roberta, asked worry lacing her voice.

"Look!" Lance said holding is right palm up. The dinosaur on his palm was just about done. Roberta and Lance both watched as spikes on the tail were added.

"Bebé that's your soulmate!" Roberta Exclaimed.

"Soulmate?" Lance asked confused.

"Your soulmate is someone who will always be there for you-"

Before Roberta could finish her sentence, Veronica, Lance's older sister cut in.

"It's like Mama and Papa's relationship." The 8 year old sister said.

"Oh." Lance said dragging out the O. "When can I meet them?"

"You'll have to wait until the time comes Bebé. You have to be patient." Roberta said.

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