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Grace's Theme:

The other cheerleaders peeked out from behind their captain eyeing Abigail anxiously, knowing that her presence in the restroom had triggered Grace once again. Not one of them stepped forward to diffuse the situation, all of them evidently too scared of Grace's anger redirecting at them.

In the back of the group, standing meekly in the corner and looking like she was about to collapse from the overwhelming tension was a blonde, frazzled cheerleader fidgeting nonstop. The girl was a nervous wreck, eyeing her captain with agitated emerald eyes and looking ready to spring at a moment's notice.

"I've seen her with Grace and the others all the time...but who is she? And why is she so damn nervous?"

"I'm washing my face, Grace," Abigail answered coldly, years of bitterness surging within her, dispelling her exhaustion and replacing it with seething contempt. "I thought that'd be obvious."

"You're not allowed in here!" Grace retorted. "Principal Harris made it crystal clear that you're supposed to use the boys'!"

"What, so that bastard told you, too? That was supposed to be reserved for faculty ears only!"

"Yeah, well, I've been watching you come in here at your leisure, and I've had enough. I complained to Principal Harris about it, and he's gonna get you good for ignoring his orders."

"Ah, so you're a snitch," Abigail said, sneering at the captain and finally turning to face her, anxiety replaced with contempt. "Of course you are. This whole time, you've been reporting my every move to Harris to get on his good side, right? Why the hell are you so obsessed with me?"

"I'm not obsessed with you!" Grace tried to snap back, but Abigail continued.

"Oh, stuff it. How can you say that you aren't obsessed with me when ever since I came out as transgender last year, you've been hounding me every time we cross each other's path? I can't get one moment of peace when you're around, because for whatever sick reasons you have, your newest hobby's trying to drive me into a corner."

Grace stepped closer, brown ringlets dancing around her twisted face and said, "Why shouldn't I? You're a stain on our school's reputation, and an abomination!"

Abigail snickered, and stepped closer likewise, whispering cruelly, "Are you sure you're describing me, or this insane sister you keep babbling about?"


"I've heard those rumors too, Grace, and boy, do they make me nauseous. I thought the things people say about me were bad, but damn, at least I'm not rumored to be a freak who went off the deep end all because she had a jealousy streak. Attacking people in these hallways and trying to ruin lives, all because her boyfriend managed to escape her."

Grace screamed, "SHUT UP, TRANNY!" and moved to attack Abigail, when the restroom door banged open once more.

The cheerleaders standing near the entrance jumped back in terror when everybody in the room beheld Cheryl Lloyd, towering in the doorway and fuming at the sight before her. Grace shuddered as the librarian shoved her way in, and proceeded to snap at the quivering captain.

"Get away from her, Grace Anderson! I was right all along, you've been harassing Abigail this whole time!"

"W-wait, I-" Grace tried to say, before Ms. Lloyd shouted even louder at her.

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