Chapter 83: Dad, Mom, Are You All Willing To Hand Yize To Me?

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Although Su Jian asked An Yize to not come too often, An Yize didn’t listen to him at all and came every weekend as usual. Though Su Jian was still worried, he stopped talking about it after mentioning it once. The reason for that was that he started thinking about An Yize more.

When they were not together, they called each other practically every night. Although nothing much happened in their everyday lives, for some reason, they could always talk for a very long time. Sometimes, Su Jian, who called An Yize from inside the blankets, fell asleep while holding the phone. As for An Yize, when he heard the soft breathing sound of Su Jian, he said “Jian Jian, goodnight” with a smile before hanging up.

In a blink of an eye, a few months passed by. If it was in the past, Su Jian might feel that such a life without any form of entertainment would be dull. But now, Su Jian felt that every day seemed to have become interesting.

However, recently, Su Jian seemed unable to feel happy. He didn’t feel well and he felt a little giddy. He was also lacking in energy. Therefore, when An Yize called at night, what he heard was Su Jian’s feeble voice.

“What’s wrong Jian Jian?”

“Nothing. I haven’t been feeling well for the past two days. I’m not sure if I’ve gotten a cold.”

“I’ll come tomorrow.”

“What? Isn’t it only thursday tomorrow?”

“I’m worried since you’re sick.”

“It’s nothing serious, I can get the medicine myself. The weather forecast said that it will might rain tomorrow. Don’t come over.”

“It’s okay. Wait for my call tomorrow.”

Although Su Jian wasn’t so willing to let An Yize come under the rain, he couldn’t help feeling happy knowing that An Yize is coming over. When he laid on the bed at night, he was already thinking of the grocery list for tomorrow.

On the next day however, he didn’t receive An Yize’s call but instead An Yirou’s.

“Third sister-in-law, quickly come back!”

An Yirou spoke vaguely over the phone and didn’t made clear what was going on. However, Su Jian could tell that the matter wasn’t small. Far from good and most importantly, it had to do with An Yize.

Sitting in the long-distance bus, various possibilities kept flashing by Su Jian’s head.

An Yize met an accident? No, definitely not!

Then, did An Yize’s company go bankrupt? Alright, this possibility is too low.

Then, maybe an adultery? Tch, this…

Su Jian kept guessing throughout his journey and rushed back home with his mind full of doubts.

He had just stepped into the house when he heard father An’s strict voice. “I’ve already checked. You and Xiao Jian had married after knowing each other for only a few days and hadn’t interacted before. Also, your mom found a printed copy of the divorce agreement form in your room. There’s a rumor saying that your marriage is fake, that you were only acting affectionate to each other. Tell me, is this true?”

Su Jian’s movement stopped and his eyes widened. Shit! Our fake marriage was discovered?

Indeed, it was a serious situation! Su Jian didn’t have the mood to think about how father An and mother An found out. He stared straight at An Yize.



With Su Jian’s shout, everyone turned around to look at him.

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