Chapter 82: "Jian Jian, I Love You." "Yes, Me Too..."

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Entering the house, An Yize let Su Jian change out of his wet clothes. Turning around and seeing the table of food that had turned cold, he felt apologetic. “Sorry. There was a traffic accident on the highway which blocked traffic for a very long time, that’s why I’m late.”

“It’s okay.” Su Jian shook his head. “Your phone ran out of battery?”

An Yuze took out his phone to check and realised that it indeed had run out of battery. Looking at Su Jian’s expression as well as his actions just now, he slowly came to an understanding. “You called me earlier but couldn’t reach me, am I right?”

Su Jian lowered his head and pursed his lips. “Yes, I thought you weren’t coming.” Pausing for a moment, he added, “I’ll go heat up the dishes.”

However, just when he stretched out his hand to grab a bowl, his trembling hand lost its grip and the bowl dropped onto the floor.

The sound of the bowl breaking was very clear. Su Jian flinched. Then he squatted down to pick up the shards.


“What’s wrong? Did you cut yourself?”


An Yize brought the plaster over. With furrowed brows, he helped bandage Su Jian. Seeing that Su Jian was going to continue picking up the shards, he said, “Let me do it.”

After cleaning up all the broken shards, An Yize sat beside Su Jian. Seeing Su Jian blankly raising his hand with the plaster, An Yize couldn’t help but smiled, “Jian Jian?”

Su Jian looked at him and suddenly hugged An Yize.

An Yize was stunned. Hugging Su Jian back, he asked gently, “What’s wrong?”

Su Jian replied softly, “It’s a little cold…”

An Yize slightly tightened his hug, and a trace of gentleness appeared in his eyes. “Does it feel warmer now?”

Su Jian replied vaguely with an “Mhm”.

It was very dark outside the room and the sound of the rain could be heard.

Under the faint yellow lights, the two of them hugged each other silently. For a moment, no one spoke.

An Yize looked down towards the person in his embrace.

Such a well-behaved Su Jian was rarely seen when he was sober. It was also rare for Su Jian to be willing to hug him on his own initiative when they were not acting.

I guess it’s because of the cold afterall

Su Jian’s hair was still wet with cold water. An Yize touched it gently with his face and an inexplicable sense of warmth suddenly emerged in his heart.

This night. This rain.

As well as this person in his embrace.

Lightly kissing Su Jian’s hair, An Yize felt his heart being filled with a sense of “satisfaction”.

Just when this gentle feeling was overflowing, the person in his embrace moved slightly.

“Jian Jian?” An Yize’s voice was full of warmth and doting.

Su Jian looked up towards him. “Yize, have you gotten fat?”

An Yize: “……”


An Yize heated up the dishes. The two of them sat by the table and began eating.

Su Jian ate his rice quickly with a lowered head. Seeing this, An Yize said warmly, “Jian Jian, eat slower.”

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