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One month ..... It had been now one month since Elsa had left Arendelle for a long and solitary trip, leaving the regency of the kingdom to Anna and Kristoff, having confidence in them, and having promised to return before the holidays of Christmas.

After crossing the North Sea, the young queen had finally reached her destination: Iceland. After days of walking through the great mountainous desert of snow and ice, Elsa had managed to find what she was looking for. The indications given by Miana and Maina were correct.

Dressed in her ice queen dress and a cape fluttering in the wind, feeling the cottony snow under her boots, Elsa moved slowly, silently, contemplative face of what was around her. The night had fallen, and colors of the aurora borealis were invading the sky. Huge and silent structures, half destroyed and buried in the snow and the weather.... All around Elsa, structures made up of an ice of a more solid aspect than the ordinary, and mixed with a kind of steel of a matter unknown. In the middle of what was once a large square, stood the remains of a large statue, formerly representing a great lord, proud and powerful. While clearing the snow on the ground, Elsa could discover the frozen remains of a worn banner, whose coat of arms represented a large snow star surrounded by four smaller ones ..... Elsa felt her heart beat and sadness invade her....

The ancestral kingdom of the Iss, her original kingdom, or what was left of it after the scourge of King Ghidorah .... While contemplating around her, Elsa was trying to imagine ..... The great towers of metal and magic ice, some rising to several hundreds of meters .... The inhabitants wandering their occupations, the children playing innocently in the streets .... The adults teaching the control of their emotions and the use of their ice powers to the youngest ones.... And from their huge ice castle, the king and queen, on their thrones, leading their people with strength and justice....

As she wandered among the ruins of her parents' realm, her throat clenched with emotion, Elsa climbed the ruins of large metal steps half-covered with snow, and came in from what appeared to be the ruins of a ancient palace, judging by the huge and majestic columns marked with unknown symbols on their surface ... Inside, Elsa saw another vision that broke her heart more ...... At the bottom of the remains of an immense hall, and standing at the top of large steps, was the remains of two ice thrones .... As Elsa approached, the wind rose, a little louder, and a fine rain of flakes began to fall.

Crossing the Great Hall, Elsa could see the large statues half covered with snow and ice, depicting proud Iss warriors, all holding spears, and standing upright, their stone eyes stuck in time for years seeming to observe the young queen and last heiress of her people, as if to welcome her. Elsa slowly climbed the stairs, one by one, her eyes fixed on the two thrones. The young queen's hand gently stroked the cold, frozen metal of the thrones. A deep sense of loneliness and sadness came over Elsa, imagining that her parents had once sat here, until the fall of the kingdom that apocalyptic night.

_ "Mother ..... Father ..." Elsa sighed sadly, wiping a tear down her cheek. Then, with a wave of her hand, and making use of her power, Elsa reshaped the thrones, spreading away the snow that covered them, and returning them their majestic and proud forms after so many years. Then, with her powers, Elsa created two small crowns of glossy, well-detailed ice, and laid each on a throne, then made a minute's silence in front of the two thrones.

_ "I will do everything in my power to make you proud of me." she murmured after the minute of silence, before leaving, casting a last look at the two thrones. For a second, she thought she felt, around her, invisible presences, not threatening, but familiar, especially two presences, as well as an immense magic force impregnating the air..... Elsa smiled, a tear to the eye. After the young woman had left the place, two vaporous and transparent forms appeared near the thrones, and looking at the two crowns of ice. The two silhouettes took each other by the hand and smiled, watching Elsa leave in the distance.

_ "We already are..... my dear daughter ...."

Elsa walked on again and again, without saying a word, and the hood of her cape covering her head, protecting her from the strong wind that was blowing. But as she was about to leave, the floor suddenly vibrated under her feet, for a second ..... then another, and yet another .... Elsa remained motionless, her heart beating. Her face cleared and tears of joy flowed from her eyes.

A sound, very familiar, was heard in the strong wind of the storm ..... a powerful noise that shook the foundations of the earth, even made the air and water tremble.... a roar .....

Without losing a moment, Elsa ran, as fast as she could, through the blizzard towards the sound. She could not have imagined it, no, it was impossible that she dreamed.

She ran, again and again, through the thick, hard snow until she reached the end of the ruins, at the top of a large mound of snow. In front of her, the tall, dark white desert was spreading as far as the eye could see in the opaque storm, which made all visibility zero more than ten meters. Making the utmost silence, Elsa listened attentively, nervously rubbing her hands. Then, again, the powerful echo far removed from this unique roar was heard in the blizzard. The beating heart, smiling, the young snow queen could not prevent a tear of joy from flowing on her cheek, and while contemplating towards this horizon, began to murmur the name she had not been able to pronounce for so long..... that of the god walking among monsters and men .... He was far away, somewhere, and yet had stayed so close to her....

_ "Godzilla ....."


Credits song: Frozen by Within Temptation

Thanks to those who have read this story, hoping you love it. The Disney Monsterverse TITANS crossover universe is a project that was born from a simple edit pic that I made, and turned into a true saga. Wrath of the Gods concludes for the moment this trilogy.

It may be, perhaps one day, a fourth story come, but not to give false hope, I prefer to say for now that the main trilogy TITANS is completed. Besides, Spin-off stories may come too, I have some projects to extend the TITANS universe. 

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