Chapter 10

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Author's Note: Hey guys I know I usually  don't do my author's note until the end of the chapter . But I just had to get some things off my chest before you guys read . Please don't get mad guys because I'm still grateful for the reads and votes I get now,but I would really love if I get feedback like comments or more votes on what you think about the chapters because it let me know what you guys like or dislike or how I could get better as a writer .



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Raine's Pov

"How you think he's going to take the surprise "? Jasmine asked me.

"Hopefully good I mean I wouldn't want him to not like it ? I said laughing .

"Miss do you guys want anything to drink?" Th flight attendant asked us.

"Yea I would like a minute made fruit punch bottle  " Jasmine told her .

"Yea me too" I seconded.

The flight attendant gave our drinks and we said our thank you's.

"Are you Raine Curry"? I looked up turning to my right seeing three girls who looked about my age smiling wide with there phones .

I put my phone down "yes I am hey girls".

"Hiiiiii your so pretty " the youngest one said to me.

"Thank you so much you are too , what's your name ?"

"My name is Tara and these are my sisters we love to watch you play basketball, we like that you want to be the first woman in the NBA we really think you deserve to be in it we believe in you " she said .

"Y'all are really sweet and I really appreciate that you guys believe in me to be honest it's people like you guys that keeps me motivated come  " I said .

"My sisters and I play basketball in school , my little sister here is in middle school on the basketball team and me and my middle sister are on the basketball team in high school" the oldest spoke out.

Jasmine and I talked to them for about 15 minutes until the flight attendant came and told them to go back to their seats because we're going to land soon.

I like when I hear fans say nice things to me it's good to have people to look up to you they help keep the negativity out .

About thirty minutes later the plan landed , Jasmine and I got off with everyone else . Walking through the airport getting our luggage.

We walked through the airport looking for Gelo or Lavar.

"Damn Jas you still ugly " I heard Gelo's loud voice .

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