Chapter 2

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As I raced down the halls after beating the so called King, I see John running past me.. Hm. Maybe he is using just a bit of his ability to run faster. But I better not let people see he's faster than me if people think he's a cripple could I?

I sprinted faster than John with my smoke trailing behind me, leaving everyone coughing in smoke, except John. He was sprinting fast enough to break a armored truck, yet he was careful at hiding his ability while running.

John, you better hurry the fuck up. Or I'll leave you in smoke.

I run faster then before until I see a girl blocking my way, behind her was Elaine.

I'm guessing this girl was a high or god tier.

"Hey move out of the way. The girl your protecting is the one who hurt my damn brother." I say in a sharp voice.

"I'm not moving. She's my friend and if you want to try and hurt her, you go through me first." She says looking at me with cold eyes.

"Fine by me. I'll just go through you." I say smirking.

I used my smoke manipulation ability to go through her as smoke and appeared behind her, facing Elaine.

"Hey there Elaine, looks like we got off the wrong foot, care to apologize to John?" I say with a triumphant smirk.

"Hey move out of the way!" I hear John say pushing students as students pushed him back.

"What the hell makes you think you can make us move cripple?!" I hear a student say before activating his ability.

"Because.. I'm his brother. You want to move now? Or should I make you?" I say coldly at him.

As I looked at him, I see him smirking like he already won.

"You may have broke Arlo's barrier which means your stronger, but I'll take you down!" He says it with confidence.

"Oh Arlo's the king?" I ask smirking.

"Yeah he is, but I'm taking you down." He says with rage.

"Yeah, you'll try but feel free to get embarrassed in front of everyone." I say with a grin.

"FUCK YOU! YOUR GOING TO DIE BY MY HANDS!" He says like it's true.

But it's probably not true. Ha. Hell if he beats me, he can have my ability!

He charges right at me with spikes coming out of his body.

Huh. I guess this kid may beat me after all.. Not.

I make a smoke barrier with spikes as he rushes towards me, only to be met with my smoke creation.

"AGHHHHH! FUCK!! SHIT!!" He says before falling to the ground.

I look at him with disgust. He was impaled by the spikes in one arm, two legs, and one in the shoulder.

And the barrier caused cuts on his chest. Jeez, he could have at least stopped himself but he was to confident to sacrifice his pride. Pathetic.

"Now do you all see why you don't mess with me and my brother?" I say coldly before expressing my face with a smirk.

Elaine however watches in horror realizing she messed with me and John. She looks afraid of me.

The girl who was protecting Elaine moves in front of her again, facing me with cold eyes.

"Hey what's your name?" I ask to the girl protecting Elaine.

"Seraphina. Now get lost before the queen kicks your ass." She says sharply.

"Seraphina, I don't want any asses kicked, I just want Elaine to apologize." I say looking at her.

"Well I don't either but I won't hesitate to." Seraphina says coldly.

"Maybe we got off the wrong foot alright? But your friend Elaine still needs to apologize." I say with a cheerful tone.

"Since when is she going to apologize? Remember your talking to the queen and a elite tier." She says with a smirk.

"Oh so is that how it's gonna go huh? Your not going to man up for your actions?" I say sharply before my face reveals cold eyes.

"Hell no. Queens and Kings do whatever we want. And we don't listen to people like you." She says coldly.

"I was a king once, I will show you how a king makes his queen listen. Maybe you'll women up after I beat you. But I'll leave you with mercy, unlike that kid." I say pointing to the kid I fought with and won.

"You'll try. But I'll leave you laying on the floor for mop-up. Have fun in the trash." She says before activating her ability.

I smirk.

I may be trash but she is the landfill.

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