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Ethans POV
I walked downstairs to find my mom looking at her laptop at the kitchen counter drinking coffee. I looked closer and noticed that she was looking at schools. Why is she looking at schools? I walked up to her and asked, "Hey mom why are you looking at schools?" She turned around and made a small smile on her face. "I'm trying to get Grayson to go to a school because I'm going out to get a job." I looked at her with a confused look. "Why can't you just hire someone to do it?" She looks at me and said, "I want him to go out so I signed him up to go to a school a couple miles away from here." I nodded and said, "Is it just for autism?" She shook her head and I walked away and grabbed the plate she had sitting out for me and ate the food.

I walked into school and noticed that I didn't see Alivia around anywhere. I don't think she has ever missed school. I saw some over her friends walking down the hallway and ran over to them to stop them. "Do you know where Alivia is?" They all shook their heads no and I gave a small nod as they continued down the hallway. I sighed as the bell rang and I had to walk into my first period class. I made my way through the rest of my classes in the first half of the day and lunch. When I walked to my first class of the second half, I saw Alivia come in and sit down in the desk next to me. She had bags under her eyes and no makeup on. "Are you alright?" She looked at me and nodded her head as a 'no' and said in a low voice, "I'll tell you later." The teacher came into the classroom and started the lesson. We sat in silence until the period ended.

When the bell rang for us to leave I walked to the bleachers with Alivia and we walked to the top and sat down. "What's wrong," I asked her. "My mom left the house in the middle of the night." I looked and asked her, "Why would she leave in the middle of the night?" She started crying a little bit and said, "Her boyfriend dumped her a couple of weeks ago. She was really close to him and she was heartbroken that he left her so she started drinking. She would drink so much that she would be passed out when I got home and told me to leave the house a couple of times." She started crying harder as I rubbed small circles on her back. "Well maybe she'll come back." She shook her head no and said, "I know that she won't come back. She is probably out somewhere either drunk and passed out or at a bar somewhere getting drunk if she already isn't." I asked her, "You want to stay at my house for a little while and see if she comes home?" She looked at me and gave me a small smile and nodded. We grabbed our stuff as we made our way back down the bleachers and to my car.

I turned my car off and we walked up to the door. I stepped inside and she followed behind and shut the door behind her. My mom stepped out and looked at us and smiled as she made her way over. "Hi Alivia how are you?" She said, "I'm okay how are you?" My mom said, "I'm okay, just trying to deal with everything." Alivia have a small nod as we stood in the same place. "Alivias going to stay her for a little bit if that's okay?" My mom said, "Okay. Why do you need to stay here for a little if you don't mind me asking?" Alivia said, "I'm having some troubles with my family and want I be away for a little while." My mom gave a small smile and said, "Well I hope they get better." Alivia just smiled as we made our way up the stairs and to my bedroom.

"So how's it been without your dad?" I sighed and said, "It's been hard but I'm getting a little better everyday." She have a small nod as we heard my mom call us down to eat dinner. We sat at the dinner table as my mom tried starting a conversion. "Did Ethan tell you what Grayson is doing tomorrow?" Alivia shook her head and my mom said, "He's going to start school. He seems pretty excited to go." Alivia have a smile and said, "Really? That's good for him since I know he doesn't usually socialize that much since the autism." My mom shook her head and smiled as we finished dinner in silence.

*Next day*
My alarm clock went off and rolled off my bed and walked into the bathroom to get my shower. When I was done I went downstairs to see Alivia sitting at the table eating and Grayson also eating. "How did you get done so quick?" She gave me a smile and said, "That's my secret." I laughed as I sat down and ate the breakfast my mom made. "Are you ready for school," I asked Grayson. He shook his head with a smile and I couldn't resist smiling at his smile. Me and Alivia started leaving when my mom and Grayson started to. "Grayson wait, you need a backpack," My mom said to Grayson as she held lightly onto his arm. She grabbed it and put it on his back. "Alright you guys have a good day at school alright?" We both shook her heads before my mom made her way out but stopped and turned around and asked me, "Can you pick up Grayson after you're done with school?" I said, "Yeah but I don't know where the school is." She said, "I'll send you the address later. Thank you!" I nodded as me and Alivia walked out to my car and started to school.

The end of the day came and I walked out to my car with Alivia and said, "Do you want me to drop you off at my house and I'll go get Grayson?" She shook her head and said, "No I'll just go." I shook my head and I pulled out and made my way to the location that my mom sent me. We came to a building that looked like a school but a lot smaller. "Do you want to stay in the car?" She said, "Nope I'll come in." We stepped out and walked a little ways till we got to the front doors. We walked up to a desk and saw a young woman sitting there working there. When she saw us she gave a smile and asked, "How can I help you?" I said, "I'm here to pick up my brother." She nodded and asked, "What is his name?" I said, "Grayson Dolan." She nodded her head as she typed something into the computer. "Room 10. Down the hallway and to the left." I shook my head and made my way to the room. I walked in and saw Grayson standing there. "Hey Grayson are you ready to go home?" He shook his head as I grabbed his backpack and put it on his back. He didn't keep it on and took it off so I grabbed it and walked out with him and Alivia.

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