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Feeling the wind covering your body gently,
Standing still on the edge of the cliff.
Let them judge and condemn you, whatever.
Vous êtes si désespéré de vouloir vivre.
The passion and glory in human's desire.
Such powerful forces within your skin.
And last
That enchanting volition
How can one imagine this beauty in you
I've never believed in external influence,
Affecting that tender creation.
In colorless chains
Laying tough on your flash.
But experience showed me,
Just how fragile we are
In frustration.

And you cannot think how you used to,
That fucking restriction of mind
And it seems
There's ain't no path,
To go through.

Just let me hide and never find me in thoughts of depression.

But I do, I HAVE IT.
And always beneath me I did.
The désespéré to life,
Let me show it to world.
And stop the war inside my mind.
Wanna speak....
Wanna break through the burden of hopelessness.
And I wish I could fly,
Just to spread the passion inside me,
Be the one who feels...free
Let me be, be the one who fucks all those judges.
Vous êtes si désespéré de vouloir vivre.

*Vous êtes si désespéré de vouloir vivre- I'm so desperate to live

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