Chapter Two

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I remembered drifting in and out of conciseness, although the memory felt off, like it wasn't me experiencing it. Distant pain was also present, but it felt like it didn't belong to me, like I was feeling it from someone else's body.

In my foggy state of mind, I could barely work up enough energy to be confused, let alone form any coherent thoughts. I shifted my weight, only to find that I was unable to. I was in a tight space, barely able to move. I could move my arm about an inch before I hit the sticky wall. There was intense feeling of heat in the enclosed space, hot enough to give someone a heatstroke. It was also making me feel exhausted, like I haven't slept for days. I welcomed sleep when it decided to take over again.

I woke up once more to quiet voices in my head, although I couldn't make out what they were saying. The container shook signalling that I was being moved. I could feel my limbs cramping up, causing me to tiredly attempt to move position. I couldn't move at all, not even half an inch. I didn't dwell on that thought, instead I drifted back off to sleep.

When I woke up again, my head felt mostly clear. The first thing I noticed was how much pain I was in, my muscles hurt from lack of movement. Due to me sleeping for so long, I had no clue what time it was, the date, or even the year. My guess was that we were still in 2020 but I could be wrong.

I attempted to look around at my surroundings, but there was nothing to see; besides darkness of course. I could feel the sticky walls with almost every limb, quickly noting that I am most likely naked. The thought of someone undressing me and seeing my body crossed my mind, causing me to squeeze my eyes shut to get rid of it. That would be the least of my problems, right now I need to focus of escaping, or at least get out of this box.

After realising that I had no chance of moving my arms to look for the lid of the box, I resorted to pushing the walls. I forced my arms and legs away from my body, despite my protesting muscles, and using the thought of fresh air and sunlight to fuel me. My body felt deprived of mainly these two things, causing it to be a good motivation.

The crack of the box caught me off guard for a millisecond, only for me to go straight back to pushing. It sounded more like an egg cracking then wood, but that wasn't important.

Light filled threw the box as more cracks filled the almost silence space around me. I could hear voices in my head, but I assume it's from the lack of human interaction and me going slightly insane.

I could feel the fresh air going into my lungs, a welcomed feeling. I could also feel how painful it was to breathe due to the lack of water I have had. My throat was as dry as a desert. My stomach was also most likely a pit of nothingness, I could feel cramps from lack of food making tears prick the corners of my eyes. Sometimes having a low pain tolerance was a bad thing, scratch that, it always is a bad thing; I don't think there was a situation that it would be good in.

I was pulled out my thoughts with a gasp of surprise as the middle part of the wall gave way, I moved my arms up in front of my head at the last second to protect myself from getting a concussion. I expected to hit hard concreate and bleed out, but instead I landed on something soft, it felt like cotton.

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