Are we sinking?

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Ryuu's POV

She never came back...

Like I thought she would.

"Where are you, Sylvee..." I mutter under my breath staring at the clock. 

It's been a day and still no sign of her. I assumed she came back when I slept but Sylvee hasn't made an appearance yet.

"Someone is going to die if she doesn't come back," I growl. 

I look around the base for any signs of life. Everyone is just busy doing their own thing. 

"Hey, Sean?" I ask, spotting the beanie boy.

"Yo," he replies. 

"Do you know where Shiny is?" He looks around the base. 

"I think I saw him."

"Well...are you going to tell me?" 

He crosses his arms. 

"Tch. You betrayed me," he narrows his eyes at me. 

"Excuse me, you're my bro. I've been doing nothin but helping your ass," I hiss. 

He looks at me sheepishly. 

"Right...sorry..." he mutters. 

"Whatever," I roll my eyes and walk away. I bump into Star. And fall to the ground. 

"Fuck...that hurt!" I whine as I get up. Star says nothing.

"You ok?" I ask him. 

"Yes, ma'am," he replies. 

"Ugh, one day I'm going to hit you..." I sigh. 

"Do it. No balls," he chuckles. I look at him for a second...before kicking his shin. 

"Would've aimed for your balls but I'm not that heartless. Well I am, but..." I roll my eyes. 

"I don't have time for this, I need to see the commander," I push past him. 

"So you don't have time for me?" he asks. 

"I-I never said that!" I stammer but he's already walking away. My heart breaks a little from that. 

"Hey, Ryuu," a voice says. I turn and see Toxic walking out from a room. 

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