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yes there is Kram, Almighty.

and McNamawyer, Mac.



Jason growled at his girlfriend, annoyed at the whiny behaviour she was displaying. She wasn't even on her period! Why? However, Heather was just as defensive, folding her arms, "Don't call me a brat!" She barked. As much as he wanted to, he couldn't yell as loud as he would with his father, as Chan had a bad history with her own parents and would tear up when yelled at. On the other hand, he was close to blowing a fuse. He clenched his jaw for a moment before spinning around on his heel and glaring at the blonde.

"Okay, then how about bitch?" He responded harshly, refusing to go any louder than Chan's volume of voice.

"Arrogant dick!"

"Spoiled thou!" She flipped him off with a huff.

"Fuck you!" She roared.

"Fuck you!"


"FUCK. YOU!" He cursed, his tone causing her to freeze for a few minutes.

He had just hurt her, right?

Nope. Wrong. Very incorrect.

Instead, Heather Chandler undid her buttoned blouse, and then exposed her red bra, glaring at him lustfully, "My room, ten minutes," She ordered, before walking into the mentioned room, leaving a heavily flustered Jason Dean behind her.



Veronica was enjoying her evening. She was taking care of a very drunk Heather McNamara after she showed up on her doorstep with a mostly empty wine bottle. Good thing her parents were out of town. She knew what caused it, aswell. So far, she'd calmed her down and was currently playing a small (but very fucking amusing) game to make her happier. It was a sort of 'Repeat after me' game, and Mac's answers were hilarious, clinging to Veronica's leg. She grinned down at her, "Okay, repeat after me, Netherlands."

"Ne-amber-lands!" She chirped, hiccuping. Veronica snorted.


"Air-pane!" Oh, sober Heather would be glad to know she wouldn't remember this.


"Toe!," She sounded out.


"" A slur of similar sounds came out of her mouth as Veronica patted her head, giggling and shaking her head.

"Did you even try?" She asked, receiving a blank expression from her girlfriend. She thought of another, "Kitty-"

"Titty!" Mac instantly responded. Veronica blushed when she noticed where her gaze was.

"N-No! Uh.. Blanket!"


"Dumptruck?" She tilted her head, hoping she wouldn't say Martha.

"Dumb-fuck!" The brunette lightly hit her upper arm, causing her to huff and clamber onto her lap.

"Absolutely not!" She gently pushed her onto the couch beside her. She hummed with a shit-eating smirk, "McDonald's!" Sober Mac hated that nickname, but drunk Mac encouraged it. A lot.

"McDo... Mc.. McGobbles!" Veronica laughed at the answer, as the blonde just looked confused.


"Tenni-... ten.. tension!" 

"Socks?" Veronica arched a brow.

There was a long pause.

Until finally..


"Wh- No!"



Hunter groaned, looking at the unwrapped present for Mac's birthday in a few days, he had been at this for hours, and he was beginning to get annoyed, as he looked over to Duke, who was looking at him with concern, as the strawberry blond sighed, "Trying to wrap gifts but it's hard when-" He was suddenly cut off by a screeching Mac in the other room.




Vincent and Duke later walked up to Chandler, who was eating his lunch. He looked up, "About time you two showed up," Mac nodded in agreement.

"...Uh, why are you staring at us, Vince?" The yellow-shirted boy asked, as Duke sat down gently. Vincent merely grinned. Duke gave them both a look that read, 'Wait for it.'

The chestnut-haired boy snickered, looking Chan in the eyes, "Romeo, Romeo-"

"I love you, nohomeo?" The 5'7 boy smiled slightly, before getting tackled into a hug by the blue boy.

"That's exactly what I was gonna say!"

"I know, V."


Now, Hunter was making dinner for his boyfriends, humming as he did, before burning himself on accident, "Trying to cook, but it's hard when-"





The two blondes were prepping themselves to head out into the stormy rain for their date to the movies. Heather Chandler was all giddy and excited about it, and so was McNamara, until her smile faltered slightly. Chan arched a brow in confusion, as Mac gently met her gaze, "Wait, what if there's someone out there?" She asked sheepishly. The red Heather looked at her for a moment, before walking over to the window in the front door and opening it, pushing up her glasses, "If anyone's out there," She glanced back at Mac for a moment before clearing her throat, "One, you're a dumb fuck," She pointed out, "Two, get the fuck out!" She shut the window, grabbing Mac's hand as the yellow themed girl bursted into giggles while peppering her face in kisses.

"Thank you."

"Anytime, Yellow."



The two footballers were walking down the street, linking each other's arms when suddenly one stopped, almost causing the other to fall flat onto his face, "Bro, what the Hell-" Kurt started, only to get shushed and pointed to a familiar figure on top of a building. Turns out it was Paul Kelly, Kurt's dad, who had divorced the quarterback's mother and walked out the door on him and his sister when he was 12. He arched a brow.

"Dude, ain't that yer dad?" Ram asked, a gentle hand on his shoulder as Kurt snapped out of his memories.

"I think you're right.." He nodded, pulling out his phone.

"Shoulder we call 911?"

"Yeah, hold on a sec.." He cupped his hands around his mouth and yelled up to the elder man, "DO A FUCKING FLIP!"

They walked home after calling 911.

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