chapter 25

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You frowned upon the chocolates in your table. You didn't like any of it. It wasn't what you wanted.

Interrupting your sad thoughts was Alya. "Y/N! Did you like his gift?" You didn't say a word, instead, you showed her the wrapper of the brand. She saw this and immediately grimaced. "What the hell?"

"I thought you told him that I don't like (least thing)?"

"I did!" Alya answered in an instant. "I told him that you specifically disliked that!"

"Then why did he give me this?" You picked up your hated brand. "And this?" You slammed it all inside the bag. You groaned as you crossed your arms. "Am I joke to him?"

You sneaked a glance at Marinette who seemed to be uncomfortable at the moment. You raised an eyebrow at her unusual behavior. She should be happy. Adrien gave her something she wanted with an extra 11-paged essay of how much he loves her.

You rolled your eyes. That was ridiculously cheesy. Alya noticed your behavior and followed where your eyes looked at. She frowned at the sight. She saw the golden-haired boy that feigned a red face. His head leaning on his palms to hide his embarrassment. Seeing him only made her temper boil. It's because of him that her best friend was having the worst Valentine's Day ever.

She stood up and walk a bit downstairs just in front of Adrien. The girl pulled his elbow and lead him out the door.

When they were outside, Alya let go of her firm grip on Adrien's arm.

"Ow!" He winced, rubbing his arms. "What the heck-"

"Did you realize what you just did?!"

Confusion on his face, he dared to ask, "What-?"

"I specifically told you that Y/N only wants this type of chocolate not the (least stuff) ones!" Alya shouted. "Were you even listening?"

The dread began to flood in his body, and it was beginning to get stiff. He was frozen, cannot move, because he knew that he messed up.

Immediately, Adrien sprinted inside the clasroom. Unfortunately, the students didn't notice despite the loud door.

"Y/N!" He said. You ignored him, rather facing down at the table. "Y/N, please, I'm sorry. I want to make it up to you. Please." You pretended you didn't hear his pleas.

Adrien huffed in annoyance. He was angry at himself. He thought it was stupid of him to just forgot the simple reminder. He would not forgive himself until you talk to him again.


You walked home, alone. You felt betrayed. You were hurt. You knew it wasn't a big deal, but you were hoping. You were hoping he would've at least give you your favorite, but that hope was crushed into pieces.

You were tired.

But before you take a small nap that will eventually turn into a sleep lasting 13 hours, you hesitantly opened your messages. You clicked on a contact and typed a message. Multiple messages.



i'm sorry if i seemed angry over a box of chocolates

just because of chocolate i didn't like

i was just disappointed, okay?

but i know you did your best, and i appreciate that

remember what i said? from the heart

i'm sure you did your all

so yeah

i'm grateful enough that i received a gift from you :)

i'm sorry

i'm sorry because i didn't want to talk to you

i didn't mean it

Delivered 6:21 PM

Waiting for him was making you anxious. You were shaking with nervousness as you held your phone with a tight grip.

Seen 6:22 PM

You muttered a curse as you curled on the couch. You felt your stomach tighten. You felt like you could explode at any moment.


Y/N... :(

i'm the one who should be sorry.

i forgot about that detail, so i blame myself for all of this. i was going to add more chocolates, but i figured it would be too weird

it's my fault you're having the worst day ever


hahahaha it's okay :)

It wasn't.


i promise i'll make it up to you.


it's all in the past.

i'm sorry too

Adrien is typing...


i was too focused on making her gift... that's why i didn't pay enough attention to yours.

Okay, you weren't worth his attention. Got that.


i'm sorry

i'm really sorry. you can call me anything you want. an asshole, anything.

Part of you wants to hate him so much, but the other part of you felt guilt. You were angry for a bunch of chocolates. Just chocolates.


i understaaaaand

Your selflessness seemed to be taking over.


i'm really sorry, Y/N. i'll make it up to you, i promise.


no need to be sorry

you already told me like

10 times

You quickly turned off your phone as you groaned very loudly.

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