Cover #9

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This cover is for Lady_Llamacorn aka Stella Bourne

Title: Occupational Hazard

Subtitle (optional): Who are you loyal to?

Author: Lady_Llamacorn or Stella Bourne

Descriptions: It's about a woman called Lara Fall who used to work for an internation data network (basically a secret agency), but then decided to settle down and start a family (because YOLO). And then she get's this creepy message from an old enemy, and has to go back to her agency so they can track the person down otherwise he famil (who don't know she's a secret agent), will be harmed or something.

Ideas: Well, I want a woman with longish brown hair, facing away or with her face covered. She can't be a teenager, she MUST be an adult. That's it really, the rest is up to you.

Feedbacks, Please.


Dated: 08/09/2014

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