Chapter 16

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OMG!!! Chen going solo is the best thing that ever happened!

 I'm still not over the shock cause I was expecting Baek to go solo this year, but oh well...never mind. I hope he does good even though there's no doubt Chen's gonna take over the whole industry with fire! Good luck, Jongdae!

What's your zodiac star?





"Hey you!" I felt a pair hands grab my shoulders shaking me violently. I replied with an agitated noise.



"Yah Mirae! Get your ass up right now!"

This extremely annoying person screamed in my poor ears. I groaned in frustration facing away from them.

"Kang Mirae, if you don't move right now, I swear-"

"Yahh!" I shrieked, eyes still closed shut. I pushed them away. "Get away!"

Suddenly the hands left my shoulder and picked me from my seat lifting me up in the air in bridal style. I gasped, my eyes popping open recognizing this person. Thank god, it's just Jinyoung.

"Hey, you! Put me down!" I protested.

"No way." He shook his head as he moved forward. "This is your punishment for ignoring me."

I pouted and looked around my surroundings. The big dusty shelves and the eerie silence made it clear that we were currently in the library. I tried to remember what was happening before I got manhandled in my boyfriend's arms. Making my best efforts to tie the strings and at least have an idea what was going on this messed up world. The pounding in my head was getting so intense that it refrained me to think properly. But thankfully, my boyfriend dear unfolded my turmoil with his scolding.

"You seriously sleep like a sloth! Were you deciding to hibernate or something? I've been trying to wake you up for half an hour. The librarian lady called me to come and get you because she tried too and failed to wake you up. You aren't taking sleeping pills, are you?" He complained clearly irritated.

Oh, so I fell asleep working. In the library. On a wooden chair. No wonder my back hurts like hell.

Wrapping my hands around his neck, I smiled as cutely as I could. "And may I know that why both of you were so keen on disturbing my peaceful slumber?"

He shot me a sullen look. "Because it's 11 p.m and the library is closing down. They can't leave you locked inside, enjoying your 'peaceful slumber'."

"What!? Shit, is it so late? I-I missed rounds!" I cried out.

He smirked. "Hmm, didn't know that someone as responsible as you could be so care free." When I passed him an distressed look, he relieved me by saying, "No, it's fine. Junmyun told me that he can handle it on his own."

"Oh."  I muttered as we passed down the empty library . "Please put me down. I swear I eat so much, I'm really heavy. You'll have sore arms if you-"

"You're actually light. So you can stop there."

I huffed in annoyance and tried another strategy. "Look Jinyoung, someone might see us and I don-"

"Are you embarrassed?" He cut off, sounding hurt.

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