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Call me the horrible chapter namer

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Ok back I had a hole bunch of homework today and also two thingy *gasp* its a Tuesday and *double gasp* tomorrow's my birthday I'm going to be ten yasss and I'm in fifth grade and tomorrow or at 12:00 my birthday I'm going to be ten and I'm nine right now I'm little to young for my grade at least that's want my dad says will anyone make me a book cover u base wut the cover looks like I'll write a story about that if it's a fanfiction your doom a rant book that's good or werewolf or bats. When no one comment it feels like ghost or reading my story no words just no five votes we can do better come on just belive you can wolfs I trust u here's something for u wolfs :a pewdiepie note: don't be a salad be the best broccoli u can 2013: I read it off a book I don't when I was little (when I didn't watch pewdiepie) I keep reading pews shirts weird uh and no ones wearing them anymore I want a shirt but I have no money$$$ I'm bored I'll go to bed now at 10:58 too early for meh but bye my wolf pack see u so also join the pack if your not already and become a wolf today

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