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chapter forty-two; plus one

Calum and Becca had been making out on the couch for at least twenty minutes, and Luke wasn't sure how neither of them were dead yet, considering that it didn't seem like either of them were coming up for air.

"Jesus Christ, guys, get a room," Luke interrupted, shouting so they'd stop. He had been trying to eat his yogurt in peace, but they had made him lose his appetite. "You guys are disgusting."

Becca backed up away from Calum, heaving a deep breath before looking at Luke. Her lips were unsurprisingly swollen and, just out of habit, Luke flinched, expecting her to chuck a pillow at him. He waited for anything to hit him in the head and possibly knock the strawberry banana goodness out of his hand, or maybe for her to yell at him. But after a couple moments, neither came and he wasn't covered in yogurt. When he realised this, he stared back at her and she gave him a smile.

A smile.

Luke wanted to pinch himself.

Becca got up, much to Calum's dismay, and motioned over to where their bedrooms were. "Babe, let's go to your bedroom. Luke's right."

Calum raised an eyebrow as he got up. "He is?"

"Yes." Then she corrected herself. "Well, not about the disgusting part, but let's go somewhere private before we lose the mood."

"P-private? As in—"

"Yes. That kind of private."

Luke swore that Calum's face had never lit up so brightly before as he watched the scene unfold. He knew that the two of them were quite possibly the strongest power couple he knew, and considering he had very little friends, that wasn't exactly much in moderation but it still meant the same as if Luke had a large amount of friends. Either way, as cute and in love with each other Becca and Calum were (by now, Luke was calling dibs on Best Man at their wedding, because Ashton could rightfully fight him for the position), they were making him quite nauseous.

So very nauseous. They were constantly like this, but usually Luke didn't have to endure it alone, and now that him and Becca could converse without the result ending in something on the verge of homicidal, he couldn't excuse himself to his bedroom like usual. Calum especially had been very insistent on the fact that one of his best friends and his girlfriend finally become Mega Awesome Super Best Friends (those were Calum Hood's words, not Becca's or Luke's) now that it was proven that the two parties could, in fact, tolerate each other. To an extent.

Either way, the day was meant to start out fine, the weekend passing by too fast and Kitty constantly shooting Luke messages and emails about how disastrous Derrick was being, and then Calum had planned for Becca and Luke to hang out. The last thing Luke wanted to be was an epic third wheel, so while the couple was too distracted with themselves and the constant touching—seriously, gross—he kept inching further and further away from the couch where they had been binge-watching Breaking Bad episodes, until he had reached the kitchen.

Now, Luke was still in the kitchen, and after standing the makeout session and the sloppy noises for so long, the couple had finally put it to an end, and were probably going to have sex.

He needed to look into soundproofing their apartment.

Calum said nothing more, only smiled gleefully as he practically sprinted out of sight and into his own room, Becca following after, taking her time. She pointed at Luke after adjusting her ruffled t-shirt.

"Don't say I never did anything for you, Tree," She said before Calum pulled her in.

What Luke realised when Calum's bedroom door closed was that, they were going to be as loud as they wanted—and he went back to wishing he never said anything in the first place. He shoved a spoonful of yogurt into his mouth just as Ashton came in with the mail.

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