"Hey, man."

"Didn't you say you were going to get the mail like an hour ago? Correct me if I'm wrong, but going downstairs and opening the mailbox does not take an hour," Luke said, shifting on the stool he was sat on to see what packages had arrived.

Ashton had been a sucker for online shopping, mainly because he was easily the richest person living in the apartment and when rent wasn't due, he liked to buy whatever caught his eye. He was especially treating himself after the play business had all finished considering that directing a high school play was a lot harder than it sounded, and he thought he deserved a little something nice. Currently, there were three packages, two of which were his, and one of which was Calum's. Luke was never into online shopping, and he only resorted to it when he was in search of gifts for his mother, Liz, or for anyone's birthdays.

The newest installment was just a custom engraved picture frame that held a photograph of Ashton and the cast of the play he wrote, the engraving reading: ASHTON IRWIN AT THE OPENING NIGHT OF FIREHEARTS. Then below it, in tinier font, were the names of the cast, the first one being a girl named Darna Horacio. Luke grinned absentmindedly as it was taken out of the box and placed back inside after both men examined it.

Ashton had talked about the play for ages, though Luke didn't exactly remember what it was about. Ashton had recorded tidbits and scenes and shown them to the entire group while he was away, staying at a hotel in a town called Easthallow Point; and he insisted that the boy who played the second leading role, a character named Jackson, looked an eerily amount like Luke.

Luke didn't see it.

"I got the mail a lot earlier, but then I bumped into Michael because I think he has a friend who lives in the building. Anyways, him and I were just chatting for a bit," Ashton replied, placing the packages and a variety of envelopes on the island.

"A bit? Mate, you were gone for an hour."

Ashton's cheeks reddened, but he rolled his eyes lamely. "Whatever. There's a letter for you, by the way."

Ashton slid a black and envelope over to Luke, who picked it up and tore it open without a second thought, much to Ashton's disappointment. Ashton was hoping for a little suspense, or even just for Luke to save the pretty envelope, but he knew that since it was Luke he was talking about, that was expecting too much.

"Together with their families, Aya Morrison and Ian Goulding invite you to their wedding, on Saturday, the 25th of May," Luke read aloud, shock evident in his tone.

"What? How come you get invited to shit? You, like, never leave the apartment."

Luke shrugged. He hadn't gotten a Save the Date for this wedding, but he's sure that Ava probably talked things over with Aya in the first place, most likely situating things over the phone rather than by invitation. And, it's not like he had much planned other than work and the occasional party he tried to attend every now and then in between hanging out with his friends and visiting his parents. Still, he had always assumed that he was just going to be Ava's plus one if anything; he hadn't expected to get invited. Nonetheless, he was, and even though he was shocked, it wasn't a miracle to figure out why.

It all happened a couple weeks ago, several actually, after the Boner Debacle of 2017 that Ava had stopped bringing up, but not after she had told Becca (they told each other nearly everything nowadays), who had told Calum, who of course had told Ashton, who in turn told Michael. And so, while she herself had stopped teasing him, it took a number of days until all of his friends had ceased the humiliating torment as well.

The news had travelled fast a couple weeks ago, because once Luke got home that day after Ava had dropped him off, he opened his phone to several texts. They read as followed:

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